Choice Of Good Web Host: A Matter Of Great Concern!

And finally I’m finished with moving all my blogs and sites to a new web host. It was something I may call the toughest thing on net I did. Moving the files and DBs was not a big issue, but the search for a good webhosting was something that really made me furious. I in fact had signed up for a reseller with a very good host in technical terms, but they wasted my five days, just because their support was too weak, I must say poor. Later they refunded me with apologies, but they can never pay me those five days back. By that time web hosting choice has become a matter of great concern for me.

I then spent some more days finding a good web host, not only in terms of technical matters but also in support, and I found one with which I’m comfortable till right now. Later, in near past, I got a request to review a web hosting related services. I’d to present a critical review of web hosting choice in fact. So, just started exploring the site and the annoyance I’d got from my hosting search experience just fled. For a moment I thought that if I’d have known about the site earlier I might have saved all my energies to work on some other constructive work. It’s really a sort of web hosting portal, enriched with all web hosting related stuff, i.e. a web hosting guide. If you’re looking to compare plans and services of some web hosting companies, have a look at the directory there and you’ll have a good picture.

Happy Hosting!

Going To A Graphic Design School

Social networking through Orkut, Face book and forums have been a part of my Internet activities for a long time and I really enjoyed and learnt a lot from there, but getting into webmastering was something that I’d a bit hard time with. I did lean much from it and still learning. While having an analysis of what I lacked, I found a list, and being unaware of the importance of web design and graphics was something that let me stuck at most of the things that m’ seriously thinking to explore some graphic design resources for my blogs and other sites.

The point that I want bloggers to ponder on is to consider the outlook of blog, as it matters a lot if increasing readership, subscribers or visitors is the aim. This is what I learnt from my blogging experience and I think not only a blog but static sites also work on the same principles of design.

I often keep on changing the theme of this blog of mine, thanks to great WordPress and of course top class designers. A variety is available at a single click, but when it comes for other blogs, i.e. hosted on different servers, it’s pain finding a good design that best suites your content. A little know how of design can help you find your desired theme at once and a bit more can help create one of your choices or can modify one according to your requirements.

Content Management: Finding The Best Systems

I’m in blogging for more than a year, and have come across many ins and outs of blogging and other Internet stuff during all this time. Being blogger, content management has always been an issue that I’ve explored more. Though WordPress has been my choice for blogs all the time, but while moving to other sites, where I don’t want a bloggy look, I’d a tough time finding a good CMS.

There’s nothing wrong with the available CMSs in fact but my requirements. Well, my requirements are very limited, but I wonder and realize a real tough time for a corporate level management of content, they must need some specialized CMSs. Googling for long hours may bring hundreds of thousands of results, claiming this and that, but they all are of course not reliable, but some like EPAZZ are worth trying, as they provide a 30 days free trial in a range of products from ERPs, reports, to media and entertainment related softwares.

It’s just an opportunity to avail a free trial and find the best and top quality content management softwares from reliable manufacturer, saving time and energy both!

Blogging And Online Backup

It was about one year back when I decided to move this blog of mine to a .com domain, unfortunately being inexperienced at that time I couldn’t complete that project but that taught me many lessons including the importance of Online Backup. In fact the major failure of that project was that I relied on much on hosting company and didn’t have any backup. Hosting company’s site got hacked and I lost all my efforts. I’ve been a bit lucky that I’d all the data in HD, but I’d have left with a “Just Another WordPress Blog” if HD had corrupted.

Well, by that time onward I started being a little careful about my other sites.
Online backup is what you need if you’re in blogging or any other Internet business. The reasons to have online backup are very simple, i.e. you don’t need to hire for this, and your data is stored offsite on a secured data center, which is answerable to you. Further it reduces the probability of theft or misuse of your data.

Though backup is necessary for every site, but specifically talking about blogging I think it’s more than crucial as your blog contains your best write ups, memories and your worthy views, that should always be on a safe place and should be accessible to others, and for such, nothing is worth more than online backup. So being Internet people generally and bloggers specifically keep your views, memories and above all your precious words safe and sound on a reliable remote server and have happy blogging.

Blogging for Money!

Blogging has become a very profitable activity, as it’s the focus of advertisers searching for unique contents for target marketing of their products and services. It’s been the sixty thousand dollar question both for advertisers and bloggers to find each other. Many service providers are connecting the bloggers and advertisers to meet their mutual benefits. Smorty is one of these services creating opportunities for bloggers to get paid by advertisers by simply placing the links back to the advertisers’ site. This is in fact a healthy activity, by which one can sell his product or service anywhere in the world by advertising on blog, and on the other hand, bloggers blog for money.

I myself had a very good experience with
Smorty. The automated system at Smorty by which, blogger can select the advertiser of choice in order to write opinion about the product or service is really very good. It doesn’t only offer publishers to get paid for their opinions, but also supports affiliate program by which they can maximize their revenues. The over all services of Smorty are really very attractive for bloggers and advertisers both.