Getting Too Digital: Will It Work Here?

Since everything is getting digital, it’s definitely helping improve things. At least time saving, increasing production etc are really great achievements of digital world. Moving with present trends, when everything is online, I was just thinking if we can have population information systems online.

I’m not sure that this sort of idea can be successful, as most of the people don’t share their personal information on net. The other thing can be identity theft. Though I happened to find a similar system at Research Public Records‘ website. I liked the domains in which they keep records, especially the Maryland Court Records and birth and death records. I’m not sure if same sorta thing can help us improving society, but it’s really very attractive.

Will We Have VoIP Revolution As Well?

VoIP is comparatively new concept in Pakistan, and thus is hot now a day. Almost everyone is talking about it. The reason for so much attention is nothing, but the advantages it’s bringing. For instance, transmitting more than one telephone call over the same broadband connection to add an extra telephone line, conference calling, call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID etc, that’s charged by telecom companies normally, is all within it’s package.

Other than this, the only thing required for VoIP is the internet connection, and you can have video conferencing, even. Since it’s an emerging concept here at our end, so things are not like developing countries, where there are many security issues related to VoIP. There’s a competition as well, you can see some VoIP reviews here. After cellular revolution, I think, we’ll soon be going to have VoIP revolution as well.

Sustainable Economic Development!!!!

The thing that pinches me more is to re think again and again, if innovations and development bring us comfort or further problems, and every time I think about this, I remain at the point from where I started. It’s mainly because, innovations and development have equal proportion of positive and negative aspects.

Starting from very common observation, i.e. changing life styles, we see tons of new things. For instance, a site I happen to find through links flood was about innovations in baby gifts. Similarly, from cattle transport to fastest cars, and from simple food to a variety, everything has been changed.

Once, while discussing with an industry expert, I’d come to know that it’s all about creating demand, and so economies grow. On the other hand the evolutions part of Science says, that declining age span, bad health and blah blah is the side effect of this development. But, I think it’s not side effect, it’s half of the effect.

Yes, I remember, a term, “Sustainable Economic Development” was a measure to keep a balance here, but I don’t see any such round!

The Two Sides Of Growing Technology

The growing technologies are definitely making the world a global village. But at the same time there are areas still as backward as they’ve been some hundred years. Not going too far, but here within our IT sector: we develop latest software to meet the growing demand of the highly industrialized states, but at the same time a huge number of our people don’t have access over basic technical education. While having a discussion with one of an IT specialist we’ve come up with some innovations within technology, whereby industries are going on web and reaching the targeted customers. For instance, let’s take the Semantic Web technology, i.e. I’m looking for Texas apartments, and had an email conversation with a friend regarding this, and that conversation shows me some related search results within it. You might have noticed it using your gmail ids. Well, this is the one end of technology we’re getting benefited from, but the other end along with some other non technical parameters is not letting a common man have his basic needs fulfilled. Or in other way, these are the facilities we’re availing, but the speed with which economies are getting worse for a common man, I don’t see the maximum utilization of all the structural development (claimed) we’re doing. Not a pessimistic thought, but the negativity lies somewhere.

Announcing Pro Pakistan

ist1_4776726_flag_of_pakistan.jpgIt’s been long time that I’ve been blogging, and now I’m a fluent blogger, though not an expert. Since I started blogging, I wanted to bring something positive out of my efforts. Well, I don’t know whether I succeeded or not, but a little did I know, I explored many avenues. And, today, it’s a great pleasure announcing Pro Pakistan.

Well, Pro Pakistan is a platform I joined hands with some fellow bloggers including well know M Junaid Khan. It’s not my blog, not Junaid’s blog at all, but It’s a blog of all those who love to read, write and do something practical for Pakistan. You all are cordially invited to participate there by having your say on core issues, challenges and problems faced by the Nation within territory and round the world.

Pro Pakistan will speak your words, truly yours! It’s your voice! We all are connected together, no matter you are in Chaman or in Karachi, USA or UAE. If you’re a Pakistani, and want to have your say, be a part of Pro Pakistan. And even if you are non Pakistani, and want to say something to us, you’re most welcomed!

Can It Work Here?

It’s been many days that I couldn’t find anything to write on. Doesn’t mean nothing has happened, but I couldn’t make myself to write on happenings. I’ll be writing on happenings later but before that something I discovered, (It’s not my discovery in fact, but came to know about its working now). Well, it’s lawsuit settlement loans, whereby a financer buys a part of a plaintiff’s anticipated settlement in order to make him financially solvent until a particular date.

This is very interesting as if the plaintiff fails to receive the anticipated settlement, the financer will not collect that amount. This feature makes this sort of loans a bit more risky, so it’s recommended that the financer should carefully judge the validity of a case and the plaintiff’s potential for future settlement before advancing such a loan.
Well, coming to the point, I’ve been thinking the practical validity of this type of loans in Pakistan if we can incorporate them. That’s not practically invalid, but I think, needs much more clear terms, and here the risk becomes double than that of what can be expected in developed countries, so the incorporation may not be as successful here. That may be one point while thinking on the grounds set by people who took banks towards a negative end, but hope of having a fair positive attitude by same people is still there.

Second Most Influential Woman of the World In Pictures

It was yesterday morning when I signed in my MSN messenger and the pop up window directed me towards a slide show. It was eleven most influential women of the world in the year 2007. Benazir Bhutto was the second most influential woman after Hillary Clinton, and she was really so, in fact she was more than that, I think, as circumstances for both the ladies were quite different including social and political arena. I thought that time to blog about the slide in the evening, but the sad event of Benazir’s assassination and the situation in the city didn’t let me do so.

I still m’ sitting with no words to write, but a little googling helped me to come up with a pictorial overview of Benazir’s life span. Here it is:

Young Benazir with her mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto 

Young Benazir with mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto

Benazir in sweet teens

Benazir in sweet teens

The Intelligent Youth

Intelegence at its optimum, Benazir Bhutto


The Versatile Benazir

Returns home 

WHen Benazir got back to Pakistan

Enters into Pakistani Politics

Making the solid decisions

The pure Asian Bride 

A Leader

Great Mother 

And then towards a final journey