Announcing Pro Pakistan

ist1_4776726_flag_of_pakistan.jpgIt’s been long time that I’ve been blogging, and now I’m a fluent blogger, though not an expert. Since I started blogging, I wanted to bring something positive out of my efforts. Well, I don’t know whether I succeeded or not, but a little did I know, I explored many avenues. And, today, it’s a great pleasure announcing Pro Pakistan.

Well, Pro Pakistan is a platform I joined hands with some fellow bloggers including well know M Junaid Khan. It’s not my blog, not Junaid’s blog at all, but It’s a blog of all those who love to read, write and do something practical for Pakistan. You all are cordially invited to participate there by having your say on core issues, challenges and problems faced by the Nation within territory and round the world.

Pro Pakistan will speak your words, truly yours! It’s your voice! We all are connected together, no matter you are in Chaman or in Karachi, USA or UAE. If you’re a Pakistani, and want to have your say, be a part of Pro Pakistan. And even if you are non Pakistani, and want to say something to us, you’re most welcomed!

Second Most Influential Woman of the World In Pictures

It was yesterday morning when I signed in my MSN messenger and the pop up window directed me towards a slide show. It was eleven most influential women of the world in the year 2007. Benazir Bhutto was the second most influential woman after Hillary Clinton, and she was really so, in fact she was more than that, I think, as circumstances for both the ladies were quite different including social and political arena. I thought that time to blog about the slide in the evening, but the sad event of Benazir’s assassination and the situation in the city didn’t let me do so.

I still m’ sitting with no words to write, but a little googling helped me to come up with a pictorial overview of Benazir’s life span. Here it is:

Young Benazir with her mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto 

Young Benazir with mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto

Benazir in sweet teens

Benazir in sweet teens

The Intelligent Youth

Intelegence at its optimum, Benazir Bhutto


The Versatile Benazir

Returns home 

WHen Benazir got back to Pakistan

Enters into Pakistani Politics

Making the solid decisions

The pure Asian Bride 

A Leader

Great Mother 

And then towards a final journey

A Glimpse Of Armed Rule In Pakistan

The present political situation in Pakistan is deploying the national image on one hand and weakening the political structure on other. I myself have once been one of the supporters of Musharraf policies, but I started lifting my support sometime back. In fact the issues like CJ case, and later the way police misconduct lawyers and the law itself were really intolerable for not only me but for masses.

The situation has divergent effects, i.e. not only the political arena is being disturbed but the whole system including social and economic infrastructure. I’m not sure but having a glimpse of political history of Pakistan, what I’ve found that most of the development in Pakistan is credited to Army rules, but one thing that all Generals have failed to cope with was consistency in policies and behaviors. All of them though participated in the good of nation, by growing economy and improving the standard of living (to some extent) as well, but each time the sudden change in ‘political behavior’ resulted as a demolition of system on one hand and the rule on other.

Who Is Responsible For The Development?

Development of a nation does depend on the efforts of its people but the part of efforts by leaders weighs more. Was just exploring the history of Norway and found that the country is not that old, but the development shows quite good signs. If you ever happen to visit Oslo or any other part of the country or just read about it from authentic sources like CIA world fact book and the Economist etc, you’ll feel the difference. It just started developing after Second World War.

Later when I tried relating such development with ours, I really couldn’t understand what exactly we’re lacking. We have resources, both natural and human, and financial resources have also not been a matter as we’d got enough amounts from World Bank and IMF. So what exactly was the reason that we’ve not developed like European or some other countries? Certainly it was leadership! Is it something else?

Don’t know why, but I’m of the opinion that ‘Goo Leaders Make a Good Nation’, and we lacked such, so just don’t want to give another chance to same old faces.

Emergency In Stock Market: Annuities, Shares & Investors

I’d probably have my say on this issue right after the imposition of emergency in the country, but the banned media and unavailability of authentic information didn’t let me do so. One of the successes that Musharraf government claims to be credited for is the outgrown stock market that has broken almost all the records. It’s fact that the growth in stock market influenced the masses, letting individuals from all spheres to invest and have an eye on financial concerns, i.e. stock, annuities, shares etc. and that was a plus point for the economy as a whole and for corporate and manufacturing sector in particular.

The records are broken once again, but the only difference by this time is the negative impact of emergency on the market. According to the newspaper stories, KSE 100 index lost 635.80 points while KSE 30 index lost 819.35 points. In numbers market recorded a grand loss of 4.07 trillion rupees, and out of 378 registered companies 317 closed in red. Now, what a common man can think of at this time is to get back the possible amount of money, and of course for big investors it’s a matter of great concern.

Not insisting to believe what I say, but it’s sure that the imposition of emergency situation in the country by Musharraf government has impinged on its only success, i.e. the outgrown stock market.

Musharraf’s Freedom of Speech At A Glance!

Friday, May 26, 2006 Islamabad — President General Pervez Musharraf on Friday renewed his firm commitment to the freedom of press and declared that the government would facilitate access to information.”I am for total freedom of the media, which is the fourth pillar of the state and is the first line of defence in today’s world,” he stated in a wide-ranging address at the 18th awards ceremony of the All-Pakistan Newspapers Society.

ISLAMABAD, Nov 3 2007: President General Pervez Musharraf on Saturday promulgated two separate ordinances to impose curbs on print and electronic media.

Under the ordinances which amend the Press, Newspapers, News Agencies and Books Registration Ordinance, 2002, and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, 2002, the print and electronic media have been barred from printing and broadcasting “anything which defames or brings into ridicule the head of state, or members of the armed forces, or executive, legislative or judicial organ of the state”.

Non-compliance of the new curbs is subject to discontinuation of newspaper publication for up to 30 days, and in case of television channels up to three years of jail and Rs10 million fine or both will be imposed on the broadcast media licensee or its representative and their equipment and premises will be forfeited.

The restrictions were announced hours after several leading national and foreign news channels had been taken off air by cable operators.

Just a sigh! How quickly the values and priorities got changed!

Pakistan Hijacked Once Again!

COAS has set emergency rule in Pakistan, but at the same time it’s reported that the constitution of 1973 has also been dissolved. The point that media is also focusing on is, if there’s no constitution left, how can it be an emergency rule, as it needs to be under some constitution. This sort of emergency is still a question mark for world media, but being Pakistani I know everything is possible in Pakistan.

Let it be emergency or a Martial law, but did we need it, especially at this time. Benazir Bhutto has also paid a mysterious visit to Pakistan and is avoiding having say on the current situation, isn’t it something fishy? Besides that, the main thing is to see what will be the response of Super powers, though they are opposing the decision at the moment.

Just happened to listen to Dr. Shahid Masood, and he says that a single call from Ma’am Condolizza Rice can stop emergency call in the country, but I wonder why would she do so!

Well, let’s see what happens and I’m not sure that this post of mine will be able to go on air!