Virtual Tour De Pakistan!

Travel and tourism not only a growing industry to have an economic look at, but also a best thing to consider when the workloads and professional duties have squeezed all your energies. This is the best time to search for some place to have outing, and according to experts it’s crucial to leave your dwelling for at least two days in a year, and should go out of city even. This is what a general overview about travel, but specifically there are many things associated with travels, like travel insurance over 70, tourism management, and even the whole hospitality industry is a matter of great concern, from finding employment opportunities to having your own business in it.

Well, today, I won’t talk more about the hospitality industry and the economy, instead just to draw readers attention towards some beautiful and worth visiting places in Pakistan. Almost the whole of north is blessed with remarkable heart touching places exhibiting natural beauty. I myself belong to Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir, and have seen a major part of it. Placing a snapshot here.Banjonsa, Rawalakot

Besides Azad Kashmir, I’ve been to Ayubia some 10 or so years back! Lovely schooling those days! Ayubia
Some places, I’ve not been to, but wish to be there at least once are Kaghan and Chitral


Though north has much in it, but south is not far behind, especially the beach. How can I forgot my Karachi!

French Beach Karachi

Clifton Karachi

Images courtesy: wikipedia and Government of Pakistan

Economy Of Credit Cards And The Consumer Equilibrium

Researching on the economies has been one of my favorite hobbies for some time back, and something that I learn most from. I remember the days spent in university studying finance, though seemed a bit dry those days, but with the passage of time it became a domain of my extreme interest. What actually made me to get inside the field is still undiscovered, but the sped up banking systems focusing more on consumer products has really made me to explore the avenues, and the products I’ve researched on till yet are ATM/debit/credit card, car financing, house financing etc.

Though researched but couldn’t experience the later two while have had some good experience with the former facilities. I in fact used debit card most of the time, but as it can’t replace credit card, and I needed one so applied for such but the procedure here in Pakistan is a bit time consuming as compared to the banks working in developed countries like UK etc. Not only the quick turn round but some additional features of credit card, like one is offered by Co-operative Bank are really makes the credit card economy worth considering for both the consumers and the banking sector.

While having a look at the features of credit card offered by The Cooperative Bank, I found that a consumer will be in equilibrium if the rate doesn’t change for about five years, if he’s given 46 days interest free credit if the balance is fully paid by due date along with some travel rewards. Another feature I liked most at the website was about the donations for good cause, i.e. 1.25p on the transaction amount of 100 pounds. That’s what the bank is on the go with making thousands of customers satisfied and of course resulting as a national equilibrium. And not to mention this is one major factor that helps the developed countries to further boost their economies by the economic growth both at micro and macro levels.

I’d a good experience writing a research paper on micro finance for Institute of Bankers Pakistan, which I’d share some three months after it’s published in their magazine, but till then I can recommend a credit card economy just like one I’d discussed above.

Disclaimer: Details are accurate at date of publishing.

Sponsored by: Co-operative Bank

Shopping Online: Save Money & Time

I’ve studied and worked in the field of business, finance, and education through out my life, but apart from this entire a little bit I know about the aesthetics. Not an expert but I do have a good sense of at least appreciating the beauty. In the same context I’ve always appreciated designs, whether interior or exterior and, of course designers as well. It was a week or so back, while discussing with my mom about some changes in the interior when she pointed out the curtains and some other bedding stuff. It was all that from very fine designs that I got after spending a lot of time from busy schedules. My mom asked me to repeat the history, which is approximately impossible for me now.

So just to maintain a balance in affairs I decided to make some best use of Internet. While browsing some curtain designs, I was redirected by the mighty search engine to Terrys’ Fabrics’ website. It’s an online interior design hub with a huge collection of curtains, cushions, a great deal of bedding and a lot more stuff. The designs I found were absolutely fine with a huge variety. Another important thing I noticed was very reasonable prices.

Online shopping as it reduces your cost of transaction on one hand also saves your time, so what a better option is to shop online. And one must if the online store is offering you some hot discount as well. Idea of shopping online will rock, if it saves my money and time, and will reduce my tension as well, plus getting some imported stuff at very reasonable price seems I’m running at increasing return (being an economist 😉 )

Just look at a design here, isn’t it worth buying!


Exploring The Domestic Violence

A week or so back I happened to watch a crime investigation program on ARY. The theme was domestic violence in the country with a variety of cases including different acts and situations. Nothing was common in any two cases but the severe results. And to my surprise almost all of them have either not been reported or if been so, not dealt properly. The only authority most of the people have approached was police who was also helpless due to numerous reasons.

Exploring the arena to satisfy my quest for inside knowledge of the society, I’ve gone through some legal concerns dealing with domestic violence and found a good deal of law. Law is there, but the causes are still undiscovered, and each case comes with a new cause. In other words it cannot be predicted, and can happen anytime, anywhere. While browsing and googling I’ve come across a statement by a Vancouver Washington lawyer that a person arrested for domestic violence might have not broken a law, but the effect the event has on family members is drastic.

This thing just made me to think about the ways with which a family can avoid domestic violence. It’s just to understand, to respect and to know each and every person in the family. Sometimes ignoring smaller things and sometimes discussing makes it easier to control the situations and keep the family happy. Many may disagree, but I’d also suggest having a legal advice if you think the matters cannot be resolved by mutual discussion and ignorance.

Though these things can help a bit managing the family matters and lessen the level of violence, but I still think that it can’t be nipped in the bud.

Economy Of Online Education

I’m an Internet user for about three quarters of a decade, and have seen the Internet world undergoing a structural change. The time I started being on net was nothing more than browsing some tough concepts for an assignment and of course chatting with some friends. Later as I kept on exploring the day-to-day development I just became a part of it, or probably it became a part of my life. Now considering a life without Internet seems incomplete.

Coming to the point, as I’m a trained and experienced educator, I’ve come across a mega development in the education sector with the growth of outreach of Internet. Right now I’m not going to discuss the technological aspect, but being much in Economics I’d love to outline the economic benefits, with special reference to the developing countries, whereby the cost of education has lead the major part of population of away from education. Reducing the cost of hard copy and printing, online education best suits the economies with limited budget for education, since the cost of technology with the widespread of it is decreasing.

While browsing, I’ve come across some facts according to which Online Education has deep roots in the developed countries while the developing countries either do not support or the ratio is very low. Wondering on it, just realized the impact of the economic growth if these (developing) countries just spend a little amount on leveling the grounds for distant learning programs.

Well, this is only a suggestion; hope to see some practices in this regard. One thing that I can do at my level is to point out, and that’s what I’m working on.