Home Is Really Sweet Home

Life is damn tough, especially when you go out to the market in day time. Yes, m’ talking about the hot weather outside. Home seems heaven when you come back. And, definitely home’s so! And making it a better place is always in everyone’s mind.

Though, I don’t care in this regard much, but two consecutive days out, facing the cruel sun helped me realize the importance of sweet home, and I happen to set some of ever scattered objects in my room. Though it’s seasonal, but once in a blue moon I do think that this thing should be placed here, and that there etc.

The fever didn’t end here, but made me to keep on browsing the same, found some really good designs, [will try to have one for me, if I get time] here in the gallery of Atlanta Faux Finishing. Sharing a few below:

Back To Interior Decoration

I didn’t write anything on blog for days, a bit or too tired, but don’t know why, whenever I see this blog of mine,  I want to share anything I’ve in mind at that particular moment. Today unfortunately I don’t have anything to share, but an off topic concern.

Lately I wrote an article on Interior decoration, though not my field but was an exciting experience, as it was much related to child psychology. It was about the relationship of physical environment children live in and their growth. While browsing the web, I’ve come across some really new concepts. I was though aware of child psychology to some extent but didn’t know how  a child perceives and care for his bedroom and other places he frequently visits.

That was a long debate on Educational and child psychology, but the research on web had a very good experience when I found really some good stuff related to crib bedding . Literally, I wished I could go back to that age once again, but just on reminder that I’ll have to struggle for all those degrees and stuff again the thought was aborted!

Shopping Online: Save Money & Time

I’ve studied and worked in the field of business, finance, and education through out my life, but apart from this entire a little bit I know about the aesthetics. Not an expert but I do have a good sense of at least appreciating the beauty. In the same context I’ve always appreciated designs, whether interior or exterior and, of course designers as well. It was a week or so back, while discussing with my mom about some changes in the interior when she pointed out the curtains and some other bedding stuff. It was all that from very fine designs that I got after spending a lot of time from busy schedules. My mom asked me to repeat the history, which is approximately impossible for me now.

So just to maintain a balance in affairs I decided to make some best use of Internet. While browsing some curtain designs, I was redirected by the mighty search engine to Terrys’ Fabrics’ website. It’s an online interior design hub with a huge collection of curtains, cushions, a great deal of bedding and a lot more stuff. The designs I found were absolutely fine with a huge variety. Another important thing I noticed was very reasonable prices.

Online shopping as it reduces your cost of transaction on one hand also saves your time, so what a better option is to shop online. And one must if the online store is offering you some hot discount as well. Idea of shopping online will rock, if it saves my money and time, and will reduce my tension as well, plus getting some imported stuff at very reasonable price seems I’m running at increasing return (being an economist 😉 )

Just look at a design here, isn’t it worth buying!