The Care Homes Search Engine

You might have heard about search engine, but m’ quite sure that the term ‘care homes search engine’ is relatively new. It’s probably not that new, but for me it is! Well, this sort of search engine is a sort of care resources hub that includes, information, discussions, opinions and much more on all sorts of cares, i.e. health care, social care, financial care etc.

To be very honest, I’ve never come to see any sort of online portal before that contains all sort of care related things at one place, and m’ happy on my finding. This is no doubt, an interesting way to help people on one hand and set a trend on other. Internet has made revolutionary changes in lives and demands innovations, so here it’s a sort of such innovation.

So if you’re looking for any sort of care, do consider the care homes search engine, and it’ll let you know about what you’re looking for! Make the best use of internet and let others know that what care means!

Letting Cleanliness Be So Easy!

Buying online as I’ve mentioned many times earlier, doesn’t only save your money but also helps to not to get irritated from going out in a rushy market. Most of the times, I explore what’s available on internet and how can one get them all at low cost, so today’s finding is vacuum cleaners. It’s good to have them, but more than good if you find a variety of colors and styles, i.e. upright, cylinder, and handheld etc, like available at Not only vacuum cleaners, but vacuum cleaner parts can also be bought in this way, i.e. you don’t need a cleaner, just to make your old one working!

Seeing such comfortable shopping ideas, sometimes I wish we could have such facilities here as well. Though some people are trying to build strong bases for online markets here as well, but it’ll take time to build trust here. Besides that European online market has grown up to a greater extent, and there’s no difference between online and offline shopping from products’ quality point of view and it’s mainly because of the sellers like above, who build a strong customer relationship.

Well, let’s see when will we have all this?

Career Development Bringing New Horizons Of Excellence For Construction Industry

Lately I wrote how much addicted I’m to the internet. I myself was shocked to see that on my blog I’ve written almost about every niche I know a little about. Well, today it’s something that I never wrote before, and it’s construction and related stuff I’ll discuss. Why I wanted to have my say on the issue was just a thought of comparison of collapsed bridge in Karachi (few months back) and the skyscrapers of the west. Well, by thinking about that accident, just a thought of career development of the whole sector came in my mind.

 Initially, I came up with the point to have some career development opportunities for operational employees only so that they can have better opportunities. I might have insisted on my say, but the logical explanations in the link above took me to a deep analysis. It stated that training matters for each and every level. And yes, it does! That’s one of the possible reasons for the outgrown development of Construction industry in west.

 Providing information for people associated with the construction industry about certification, latest health and safety legislation and career development like does can really help increasing the standards of industry. I’m not sure about the exact stats of improvement, but a clear difference will be there.

The Internet Addict: Yes, It’s Me!

This post of mine has nothing to do with business, education or any other thing. It’s just my personal concern that I want to go under off topic. Probably it’s not that personal as it’s the case with many people who spend much of there time online. Online nature of work and my academic requirements have made me internet addicted. According to some rough stats I spend 13 to 15 hours a day on internet.

 I think I can browse internet and spend my time here up to three continuous days even without food, J. One of the reasons for so can be the availability of each and everything here, i.e. even printer ink can be found online. Well, this is not only my case, but many of my friends who use to remain online for 24/7. Once a member at grand CSS Forum has also commented for me that he wonders how do I M Possible, Muskan and me manage being available there for 24/7. Though some of my responsibilities have been shifted and m’ not that much active there now a days, but soon I’ll be back there. I’m really missing the hot discussions there.

 This entire scenario attracts me a lot, and I really enjoy both my work and studies. I wonder, I won’t have been able to manage all this if it all would have been offline. And being internet geek, I expect some online food system soon. Let’s see if we can have such!

Combining The Psychology With Law: A Positive Experiment


I’ve discussed psychology, especially educational psychology in past to a very little extent. Later I also had my say on guidance and counseling etc, but I’ve never been able to explore forensic psychology. It was just a forensic psychology degree online that became the part of my browsing while looking for some legal things. For an instance, one may get confused that why I’m trying to relate both things, i.e. law and psychology. This is actually not me, but the nature of two that requires an interaction that in fact I also came to know a little earlier.


Once I used to think that individual illegal acts do not have any concern with the law and order situation in the country. I still couldn’t figure out, why I was of such opinion, probably lack of information or so, but as I’ve now discovered that the aggregate of the law and order situation is directly related to the individual acts. Well, while thinking about all these, something that we cannot forget is ‘law’ as occupation. I personally have not been interested in becoming a lawyer though having an ultimate guide in my family, but the scenario now a days and the continuous socio-legal events are urging me to have light on such issues.


Well, after exploring the site I mentioned above, I came to know that knowing psychology plays a vital role in dealing with criminal justice. It was really a good finding that for legal concerns it’s crucially important to find out the psychological motives behind a crime and to deal a case from such aspects as well. I then asked a law expert if we’ve any psychology subject in law. And as I was expecting, I got a negative response.


This is not to criticize the systems always, but just to mention a finding that’s being followed in developed country for better human development. I don’t mean that teaching a particular subject in theory entirely changes something, but it make difference and even is the base for practical exposure.

Once I met some students in Karachi University Criminology Department, I’m not sure if they had forensic psychology sort of thing in their syllabus or not, but those Police officers were really different from our typical police men. They explained, that how they’re taught to become a really good police men, and the difference was clearly seen. This thought just came in my mind with reference to the importance of psychological knowledge for law enforcement concerns.