Getting Too Digital: Will It Work Here?

Since everything is getting digital, it’s definitely helping improve things. At least time saving, increasing production etc are really great achievements of digital world. Moving with present trends, when everything is online, I was just thinking if we can have population information systems online.

I’m not sure that this sort of idea can be successful, as most of the people don’t share their personal information on net. The other thing can be identity theft. Though I happened to find a similar system at Research Public Records‘ website. I liked the domains in which they keep records, especially the Maryland Court Records and birth and death records. I’m not sure if same sorta thing can help us improving society, but it’s really very attractive.

4 Responses

  1. there is BIG privacy issue involve … I am not in favor of such things…

    I am sure lots of people will misuse these information..

  2. Technology is definatily improving our life.

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  4. Digitalizing of the world is healthy as long as it serves humanity in general and our society in particular. So far technology has saved a good deal of our time. But the question is, where are we spending our saved time? Are we using the saved time in alleviating social ills? The answer is not in affirmative because we are spending the saved time in making more advanced technology.

    Moreover, we have learnt to fly like a bird in the sky, like a fish in deep seas, but alas, we still have to learn how to live like a human on this earth ……

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