Anticipating A Happy Weekend

I know it happens to most of the people, but in my case I think I can’t skip. Whenever I plan to have a good weekend, something just happens that I can’t do so. And that’s why I’m quite annoyed as well, as it’s going to be a weekend again. Let’s see if I can have just two holidays in my life, that I can enjoy fully! Well, I was just trying to find what I can enjoy with in order to have a good weekend, and just thought why not to have some fun with Motoracer if I don’t gt chance for outing!

Some people, who know me a little will probably be amazed to see me talking about computer games, but I really do enjoy these, especially racing thing, and m’ really fond of Motoracer, 🙂 I first time played it an year back when there was some problem with my internet connection and I had nothing to do. I then found a set of Motorcycle DVDs my brother brought, and since then I’m a great fane of it!

Well, m’ not sure if I can have a short time free a weekend even but hope to enjoy little things for sure!

The Internet Addict: Yes, It’s Me!

This post of mine has nothing to do with business, education or any other thing. It’s just my personal concern that I want to go under off topic. Probably it’s not that personal as it’s the case with many people who spend much of there time online. Online nature of work and my academic requirements have made me internet addicted. According to some rough stats I spend 13 to 15 hours a day on internet.

 I think I can browse internet and spend my time here up to three continuous days even without food, J. One of the reasons for so can be the availability of each and everything here, i.e. even printer ink can be found online. Well, this is not only my case, but many of my friends who use to remain online for 24/7. Once a member at grand CSS Forum has also commented for me that he wonders how do I M Possible, Muskan and me manage being available there for 24/7. Though some of my responsibilities have been shifted and m’ not that much active there now a days, but soon I’ll be back there. I’m really missing the hot discussions there.

 This entire scenario attracts me a lot, and I really enjoy both my work and studies. I wonder, I won’t have been able to manage all this if it all would have been offline. And being internet geek, I expect some online food system soon. Let’s see if we can have such!

Interesting Find

It’s very little time back that I got quite serious in Internet Marketing stuff, and so exploring, reading analaysing and having my say on Internet Marketing has become a routine activity for me. It’s really fun, you explore what you want to and many times what you really didn’t intend to find. One of such experience for me was the finding of Dental Marketing.

It seemed an innovative concept to me atleast! And m’ preparing myself to explore the arena to a little more extent. Besides that, I already knew an Indian dentist cum webmaster. I read some of his dental care writings and webmastering tips and techniques as well and found him on a distinguished path. Though having a satisfied review, I was still not comfortable with the combination, but the finding above made me to think once again!

Thought of A Retired Life!

Again I’ve been away from blog for some days, and the simple reason was my stringent schedules. Well, m’ back but seems I’ve nothing to share except the time. I was just wondering for some days that why it’s so sped up, seems time is running, and soon will enter into another stage of life, the so called ‘old age’. Well, this old age may have its own charm if provided with requisites of its own. But that’s very rare, mostly the cases end up with depression, lack of attention of family members etc.

This made me to explore old-age thing a bit more, and found retirement homes thing. It’s nothing different then Second Inning’s house of ‘LagayRaho Munna Bhai’, so recalled my memories of some of the clips from that movie. Well, I’m really not that serious about old age, as I’m left with some golden years to enter into this phase, 😉 .Besides that, I found such sort of social networking as an increasing user base of internet. Mostly the social networks are occupied by youngsters and business professionals, but social networking of retired persons will definitely be a good step towards the outgrowth of internet.

Interviewed By Pakistani Spectator

I’m not a blog Maestro, but a regular blogger that my audience knows very well. I’m still on the way to explore the blogosphere, terms, techniques and of course the new trends. It was sometime back that I got an Interview request from, and Ghazala published my interview on 21st Novemebr 2007.  You can access the page here

It was really a good experience, and I think a better exposure as well.

Thanks Ghazala!