Will We Have VoIP Revolution As Well?

VoIP is comparatively new concept in Pakistan, and thus is hot now a day. Almost everyone is talking about it. The reason for so much attention is nothing, but the advantages it’s bringing. For instance, transmitting more than one telephone call over the same broadband connection to add an extra telephone line, conference calling, call forwarding, automatic redial, and caller ID etc, that’s charged by telecom companies normally, is all within it’s package.

Other than this, the only thing required for VoIP is the internet connection, and you can have video conferencing, even. Since it’s an emerging concept here at our end, so things are not like developing countries, where there are many security issues related to VoIP. There’s a competition as well, you can see some VoIP reviews here. After cellular revolution, I think, we’ll soon be going to have VoIP revolution as well.

Is This The Real Situation Of IT Sector?

I’m really happy to be a part of such a project where people can share what they really think! Yes, it is PingMyCompany.com . Initially I wasn’t really interested in this. I was not sure in fact that this can go this way… probably the day to day changes in it made me to get into it that much.

ping my company's logoWell, the thing that impresses me is of course users’ interaction on board, and the way they speak about… I mean telling “Dil Ki Baat”. But, m’ really amazed to see if it’s the real condition of our IT sector. Comments by ex and existing employees of some organizations here and here are really interesting. But, this is not the case of our software houses only, same can be observed for major Technology players as well.

I’m really enjoying it, not only seeing the comments and PMC growing overnight, but also by posting whenever I like or dislike anything in any company. Experience it once and you’ll feel an inner satisfaction especially when something made you annoyed or really made you happy! 😉

Help Yourself: Avoiding Online Scams!

It’s sometime back that I happened to meet some people in my social circle that have been the victims of online scams. The nature of scams was, however, different in each case, but the disappointment was almost same. That’s what made me to peep into this thing and found that most of the scams happen to people by inviting them to increase their income to 100% or 200%. You might have noticed same sort of statements round the web. But I think the problem doesn’t lie more at that end, instead it’s one’s own ignorance.

One should properly investigate such programs. For instance knowing about Managed Forex Trading Accounts can help one to identify what best suits him/her. Actually the widespread use of internet in commercial concerns and the rapid growth of online business opportunities have created a sort of access of information, but in fact the whole of the information is not correct, so better is to research.

How To Surf The Web At Its Best?

Sometimes back I wrote that how much addicted I’m to the internet. It was a bout 15 hours a day that I used to spend on the wild wild web. This quota has been increased to a little more extent. And one of the reasons for such is the internet speed at my home. In office it’s ok but when I get connected from home, I really have a hard time with it. I’m not sure what can be the best option for me. So just trying to find out a better way. In that search one interesting site that I’ve come across is bt broadband. It’s a good service for those who are music and movie lovers and love to download all this stuff at lightening fast speed.

I also found a speed test thing on the site; it’s probably a better measure for local audience to know and analyze what can best suit them. Here at our end, broadband may not be a well developed term, but it has good market in Europe and USA, and that’s one of the reasons that people there have to face less or no internet connectivity and surfing problems. And it’s obvious that when you don’t have all this to face, you just go on making advancements. One more thing that I’ve found out of this, is the customer satisfaction as top priority there, i.e. providing people with what they actually need. And that’s what make things go great guns there.

Letting Cleanliness Be So Easy!

Buying online as I’ve mentioned many times earlier, doesn’t only save your money but also helps to not to get irritated from going out in a rushy market. Most of the times, I explore what’s available on internet and how can one get them all at low cost, so today’s finding is vacuum cleaners. It’s good to have them, but more than good if you find a variety of colors and styles, i.e. upright, cylinder, and handheld etc, like available at dyson.co.uk. Not only vacuum cleaners, but vacuum cleaner parts can also be bought in this way, i.e. you don’t need a cleaner, just to make your old one working!

Seeing such comfortable shopping ideas, sometimes I wish we could have such facilities here as well. Though some people are trying to build strong bases for online markets here as well, but it’ll take time to build trust here. Besides that European online market has grown up to a greater extent, and there’s no difference between online and offline shopping from products’ quality point of view and it’s mainly because of the sellers like above, who build a strong customer relationship.

Well, let’s see when will we have all this?

Thought of A Retired Life!

Again I’ve been away from blog for some days, and the simple reason was my stringent schedules. Well, m’ back but seems I’ve nothing to share except the time. I was just wondering for some days that why it’s so sped up, seems time is running, and soon will enter into another stage of life, the so called ‘old age’. Well, this old age may have its own charm if provided with requisites of its own. But that’s very rare, mostly the cases end up with depression, lack of attention of family members etc.

This made me to explore old-age thing a bit more, and found retirement homes thing. It’s nothing different then Second Inning’s house of ‘LagayRaho Munna Bhai’, so recalled my memories of some of the clips from that movie. Well, I’m really not that serious about old age, as I’m left with some golden years to enter into this phase, 😉 .Besides that, I found such sort of social networking as an increasing user base of internet. Mostly the social networks are occupied by youngsters and business professionals, but social networking of retired persons will definitely be a good step towards the outgrowth of internet.

Buying Online Really Saves You!

4sgm_large.jpgI’ve written about online shopping in past, but never talked about Laptops and note books etc. Today just going to have few words about it, as thinking to have one or not. Well, to have a laptop or not resolves quickly as most of us come up with the conclusion to have it, and I’m sure I’ll also be doing so. The important thing is from where to have it. Being not well aware of the city, I really don’t know the places so was just searching the web, and found a collection of laptops and laptop related accessories.

It was really a pleasant feeling to see all the required items at single spot, not only at affordable prices, but also providing you a laptop buying guide. It’s like saving your costs and time from all possible ways. And above all you don’t need to worry about the limited choice as I’ve come across some +1600 products last time when I checked the site.  Having such a wide range of your required products just a click away from you really lessens half of your tension.

Visit the site and you’ll feel the pleasant effect yourself.