A Glimpse Of Nanga Parbat

Not sure, I read somewhere or heard about it that it’s called Killer mountain as well. Yes, it may be, being the ninth highest mountain of the world. Read the geographic details about Nanga Parbat here at Wikipedia if interested. But m’ more interested in showing whay it may be a killer mountain. So here it goes:

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  1. Everest has hosted close to 2000 successful summits. 179 people have perished giving a fatality rate of 9.3%. While since the first attempt on Nanga Parbat, 216 climbers have summited Nanga Parbat and 61 have died. (31 deaths occurred before the mountain was first summited in 1953.) The overall fatality rate thus 28.24%, more than three times Mount Everest’s fatality rate.
    So NP is indeed a Killer Mountain…i’ve been to its base camp and have seen some horrifying avalanches on it. but it only harms when u try to supersede its might. give it its due respect and u’ll be safe 🙂

  2. kool pics …
    the first pic is really awesome …
    the photographer was very lucky to have a clear sky over there…

  3. @Far Star

    Lucky you to have been there, and thanks for the stats BTW!

    Yeah, agreed! BTW, m’ expecting one from you…. so when are you planning to camp there?

  4. I have visited Nanga Parbat twice and planning for 3rd time in coming season as well. Its magnetic and fantastic mountian and am also writting a column on death casulaties.

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