Career Oriented Education!

Career Planning Management (With specific reference to Pakistan) is the main theme of my thesis at M.Phil that I’ve stopped due to some personal and professional concerns. I’m in fact done with a major part of my research and the point I’m stuck at is the dimensions of careerer oriented education. The ultimate aim of career education that almost every normal being thinks about is to have an upgraded standard of living via particular profession. I really couldn’t figure out a strategic line, and was about to leave this issue when found a site here.

The institute offers career oriented approach for professional academics concerns. That’s what made me to ponder more, whether we’ve ever talked about this approach in our higher education system. Or if we did so, what was the rate of success. I believe this practice does exists in private sector here to some extent, but public sector in higher education has not ever planned career oriented education or in case if did so, that was not strategic. For instance I’ve not come across any policy till yet that has been designed in collaboration with the industrial sector, i.e. what industry needs and how to provide them such within local market, and the ultimate result is that industries find foreign qualified individuals as best choice for them.

That’s a musing within my capacity, but just curios to know where we are and where we should be!

Buying Online Really Saves You!

4sgm_large.jpgI’ve written about online shopping in past, but never talked about Laptops and note books etc. Today just going to have few words about it, as thinking to have one or not. Well, to have a laptop or not resolves quickly as most of us come up with the conclusion to have it, and I’m sure I’ll also be doing so. The important thing is from where to have it. Being not well aware of the city, I really don’t know the places so was just searching the web, and found a collection of laptops and laptop related accessories.

It was really a pleasant feeling to see all the required items at single spot, not only at affordable prices, but also providing you a laptop buying guide. It’s like saving your costs and time from all possible ways. And above all you don’t need to worry about the limited choice as I’ve come across some +1600 products last time when I checked the site.  Having such a wide range of your required products just a click away from you really lessens half of your tension.

Visit the site and you’ll feel the pleasant effect yourself.

Interviewed By Pakistani Spectator

I’m not a blog Maestro, but a regular blogger that my audience knows very well. I’m still on the way to explore the blogosphere, terms, techniques and of course the new trends. It was sometime back that I got an Interview request from, and Ghazala published my interview on 21st Novemebr 2007.  You can access the page here

It was really a good experience, and I think a better exposure as well.

Thanks Ghazala!

Back To Interior Decoration

I didn’t write anything on blog for days, a bit or too tired, but don’t know why, whenever I see this blog of mine,  I want to share anything I’ve in mind at that particular moment. Today unfortunately I don’t have anything to share, but an off topic concern.

Lately I wrote an article on Interior decoration, though not my field but was an exciting experience, as it was much related to child psychology. It was about the relationship of physical environment children live in and their growth. While browsing the web, I’ve come across some really new concepts. I was though aware of child psychology to some extent but didn’t know how  a child perceives and care for his bedroom and other places he frequently visits.

That was a long debate on Educational and child psychology, but the research on web had a very good experience when I found really some good stuff related to crib bedding . Literally, I wished I could go back to that age once again, but just on reminder that I’ll have to struggle for all those degrees and stuff again the thought was aborted!

A Glimpse Of Armed Rule In Pakistan

The present political situation in Pakistan is deploying the national image on one hand and weakening the political structure on other. I myself have once been one of the supporters of Musharraf policies, but I started lifting my support sometime back. In fact the issues like CJ case, and later the way police misconduct lawyers and the law itself were really intolerable for not only me but for masses.

The situation has divergent effects, i.e. not only the political arena is being disturbed but the whole system including social and economic infrastructure. I’m not sure but having a glimpse of political history of Pakistan, what I’ve found that most of the development in Pakistan is credited to Army rules, but one thing that all Generals have failed to cope with was consistency in policies and behaviors. All of them though participated in the good of nation, by growing economy and improving the standard of living (to some extent) as well, but each time the sudden change in ‘political behavior’ resulted as a demolition of system on one hand and the rule on other.

Choice Of Good Web Host: A Matter Of Great Concern!

And finally I’m finished with moving all my blogs and sites to a new web host. It was something I may call the toughest thing on net I did. Moving the files and DBs was not a big issue, but the search for a good webhosting was something that really made me furious. I in fact had signed up for a reseller with a very good host in technical terms, but they wasted my five days, just because their support was too weak, I must say poor. Later they refunded me with apologies, but they can never pay me those five days back. By that time web hosting choice has become a matter of great concern for me.

I then spent some more days finding a good web host, not only in terms of technical matters but also in support, and I found one with which I’m comfortable till right now. Later, in near past, I got a request to review a web hosting related services. I’d to present a critical review of web hosting choice in fact. So, just started exploring the site and the annoyance I’d got from my hosting search experience just fled. For a moment I thought that if I’d have known about the site earlier I might have saved all my energies to work on some other constructive work. It’s really a sort of web hosting portal, enriched with all web hosting related stuff, i.e. a web hosting guide. If you’re looking to compare plans and services of some web hosting companies, have a look at the directory there and you’ll have a good picture.

Happy Hosting!

Why Online Learning!

Sometimes back, I wrote about the benefits of Online Education, it was just my research and opinion on having maximum out of the latest technology, i.e. Internet, but by this time I’m really in need of such. The only reason for which my M.Phil is getting delayed is the unavailability of online learning facility at my university, and I’m out of town for some time. I’ll be ok even if my supervisor accepts my assignment online and I get the feedback in same way, but a great sigh only!

I’m really so much depressed over this, because the speed with which I’ve completed my sixteen years of Education was just remarkable, I never had a break in my studies, but this time I must have to manage a little break I think. Well, this is something making me upset for a moment, so wrote blogged about it, and I can write whatever make me comfortable, and also what I’m stuck at.

After having such experience, what I’d suggest students is to make sure that latest learning facilities are available in the institution you’re going, because in this era of technology if these facilities are available and not being used, it’s really a cruel injustice with the technology itself, and with the time on other.