There’s nothing speacial about me. I’m a research student and in this part of web i’ve some of my writings to share.


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  1. Salam Qurrat,
    Hope u will be fine with the blessing of Allah. I was disconnected to the forum due to some matters. I have a problem that my mailbox of cssforum was not appearing from last month and I dont know that what is matter. These days I am searching for essays and current affairs and pak affairs topics only. I appreciate ur cooperation which helped me in starting now i think that i am prepared to face the exam to some extent. Your this site is very helpful and I appreciate ur this effort very much and pray for u that u live a happy and long life. Happy birthday to u and I appologise that i cant wish u some days before due to absence.

    Thanking u with best regards.


  2. Good to see that someone is talking about political economy. Keep it up.

  3. I found about u at cssforum.com.U seem to be a great help to all those attempting CSS.Finding u as a great help and a peson wid excellent traits that define a human being, I expect some help from u.I have taken Persian as one of the optional subjects but I have not been able to find a substantial number of past Persian papers.I have managed to gather papers from 1998-2003. Urdu Bazar has also been a disappointment so has been my recent maiden trip to the FPSC office.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hi any,
    i havent ever found such type of site. i got knowledge but unfortunatily i couldnt find a topc about foreign aid and its history.
    so, plz give me knowledge about it. reply it

  5. i want notes on unemployment in pakistan

  6. i want notes on unemployment in pakistan plz send me ur site is good

  7. @Uzma

    Just check out the economic survey of Pakistan 2005-2006 at http://www.finance.gov.pk
    Here you’ll have to download the economic survey in acrobat format, and you’ll be able to read it only if Acrobat reader is installed on your computer. Well check it out there, if you can’t have it from there, inform me at me_qurat@hotmail.com i’ll send it to you.

    And BTW thanx for appreciating my blog


  8. Thanks for your comments on the readiness blog (readiness.wordpress.com). The course is being conducted by Mr. Wali Zahid. I am maintaing the Course blog as well.
    Faisal Naik

  9. To :Qurratulain,

    I am glade to go through your site contains. It is really, quite indepth justified vision of yours. I wish you all the best and humbley assure you of my co-operations.
    Best regards.
    Barkat Ali
    A Journalist.

  10. Salam Qurrat,

    Your blog is definitely very constructive, valuable and informative and I am grateful for your efforts.

    Thanks for providing such a precious and edifying collection on net.

    Ayaz Ali Rind

  11. @Ayaz Ali Rind

    Thakns a lot sir for the feedback.Such comments help me re energize my potentials to work more and more.


  12. Salam Qurratulain,

    Your blog is very impressive and also very good thoughts are there. I have just taken some view on some articles and I am really eager to read your articles.

    Wish you all the best and a lot of success


    Q. Tarar

  13. @Q Tarar

    Thanks a lot Sir for the appreciation and best wishes, it’s really an energizing feedback that makes me to work more and more.


  14. A good friend always points out bad things about you :-). Even though I’m not your good friend but I feel that you should disable “snapshot” on your blog as it’s really annoying and bandwidth consuming. Study at problogger.net states that most of the people don’t like to have snapshot in their browsing.

    Sorry for a bad first comment.

  15. @Sanix

    Comment was not bad at all, in fact I’m a positive criticism lover! And yes, disabled the snapshot as advised. Thanks for the kind concern BTW.


  16. Hola!

    nice blog
    wishes n smiles ur way:)

    Rab Raakha

  17. Hello Ms. Qurattulain. I hope u’ll Be fine and spending a peacful and healthy life.I just come to know about u while visiting the Website CSS Forum. I actually leaving this message for u bcoz i just want a guideline regarding CSS Examinations And Your Experience If U have appeared in This Heart Hacking Exams.(As The Public Opinion Is).I Hope U will Contact Me and will send me Instructions.

  18. @Ibn e Adam

    Thanks for kind words!

    @Abdullah Naseer

    I’m alright by His grace. Well Abdullah, I appeared in CSS exam a year and so back in 2006. Though couldn’t make the effort but learnt a lot from my mistakes that I won’t repeat in next exam InshaAllah. Secondly Abdullah, being so much on internet associated with too many communities, it’s quite difficult for me to remember things 😉 lolz!

    So, I’ll highly appreciate if you please PM me on CSS Forums’ board or just E mail me your user ID at CSS Forums, so that I can reply to your queries in much relevant way.


  19. hi! quru…. 🙂 i have come know about you that you always make copy from any website to improve your web-page. IT IS NOT FAIR. I also say that you copy Idioms from ‘goenglish’ or another site to fullfil the CSS-forum page. you know when i started to find some idioms of previous CSS-Q-Papers. i have never found any positive response from your 100000000- Idioms which annoyed me alot. advice me some fruitful books for current- idioms according to our CSS-Q-papers if it is under you kind knowledge.. THNKS alot from K.B.

  20. @khuda bux

    Hundreds of my posts on CSS Forum do have copied material in them, either mentioned or overlooked somewhere, I never claimed copyrights of those posts (which include copied material without citation)ever, live examples are the ‘idioms post’ and one other ‘more than 2000 words to enhance vocabulary’ along with many others. I never created those idioms and vocabulary myself but collected it from various sources. AND IT IS QUITE FAIR AS IT’S A MAJOR SOURCE OF INFORMATION FOR THOUSANDS OF CSS ASPIRANTS AND OTHER STUDENTS.

    And BTW, if you won’t have leafed through the Idioms list posted by me and Argus, you must have found all Idioms from past papers there! I love criticism, but only constructive! lolz!

    And at last the essence of the whole play, Idioms book, well, I’ve gone through “Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs & Idioms” by Oriental Books Society, and found it worth consulting (at least for me). SO you can have a look at it, but beware, THEY HAVE NOT CREATED ANY UNIQUE IDIOMS OF THEIR OWN!

  21. You Are Doing A Great Job.

    Carry On.

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