Being Private in Public

This writing is a response to an article by Dr Waqar Raza, ‘Being private in public’, published in Dawn28th January. I myself was intending to have a write on “cultural Future of Pakistan”, but I couldn’t do it because of some professional duties. The article by Dr Sahib urged me to have my say on such critical issue.

I totally agree with Dr sahib, but I want to include a few more points in the same context. In my opinion showbiz is a small part of ‘media’, and media is the strongest tool of present day. This is because it has the ability to build minds in desired direction and it leads the minds in accordance with its own desire. Media being an essential part of present society can hence build a nation by promoting national morale and national character. Coming back to showbiz, though it’s a smaller part of media but more effective and attractive one, as the people associated with work in this industry are considered to be the role models, favourite personalities etc for general public, especially for youth. People copy their attitude; they attempt to follow their role in different situations. Now this showbiz can be the best tool to promote national morale and national character, which is deeply associated with the golden principles of Islam. No doubt present day showbiz in Pakistan has left no stone untouched to copy either the western culture or neighbouring culture. And all is being done on the name of modernity. I think there is a wide difference between ‘modernity’ and ‘vulgarity’. Both the terms are far away, not only in origin, but also in application. In this critical situation I think there should be a check on showbiz, which media itself can manage. The other bodies of media should be responsible for the regulation of the showbiz in the country.

In this regard, I happened to observe some really very good efforts by print media, but T.V, being the most accessible media type is not playing its very role. In fact commercialization of T.V has brought a wide cultural and social change in the country. To quote an extreme example I’d like to mention the celebrations of ‘valentine’s day’. Recalling my memories I can see in the past, some half decade ago there was no existence of such day in Pakistan, but last year I was amazed to see programs celebrating the day being aired on a national T.V channel. Media attempting to promote the so called modernization if is going to represent such anomalies will certainly have a negative impact on the society. Promoting modernization is not a bad idea but the culture which is neither beneficial nor productive for a particular society is., and all this is up to the government concerns to regulate this.