Smooth Entertainment–Just A Single Click Away

The fastest models of day to day life and work loads make us all tired and bored. The only way out of this situation is to have some entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, the choice varies from person to person. For a person like me, the most soothing entertainment will be either going to have a long drive or to have a glimpse of some masterpieces of paintings. But being so much busy, it’s really a big deal to plan an outing. Uffizi tickets have solved this problem to a great extent. This is actually a site containing about 500 files of original paintings exhibited at real Uffizi Gallery.

It’s not a simple website but a great deal of collection of masterpieces. The site contains all general information about the Uffizi Gallery, index of Virtual Uffizi rooms, index of artists, advanced search form, reservation services for visiting the real gallery, and everything about Florence, Italy. I always wished to be in Italy, since the day I read Romeo Juliet, but unfortunately I couldn’t, but it seems Uffizi’s growing network will soon take me there. The site in my opinion is a super entertainment channel, for smooth entertainment lovers.

Racism and Media

The actual origin of racism is still unknown, but careful approximations suggest it to be the product of modern times. The racist activities might have prevailed in the ancient societies, but the contemporary situation is much different and more complex. According to Michel Foucault the first formulation of racism emerged in the Early Modern period as the “discourse of race struggle”, a historical and political discourse which Foucault opposed to the philosophical and juridical discourse of sovereignty.

Wikipedia defines racism as a belief system or doctrine according to which the inherent biological differences between human races determine the cultural or individual achievement. The present scenario with the technological progress and globalization has made the racism not only an ethnical stereotype, but also economic, social, and political.

With the outgrowth of media, the racist activities have much been highlighted during the past few decades. Media in fact is one of the most powerful tools of the contemporary societies. The more powerful the media is the more powerful is the society itself. Media in the present has the ability to mould the societal behaviour in its desired way.

When it comes to discuss the media with reference to the racism, the most challenging concept which comes in mind is the term ‘institutional racism’. It can also be termed as structural racism or systematic racism. This type of racism is actually a racial discrimination by governments, corporations, educational institutions or other large organizations with the power to influence the lives of many individuals.

As media of present times itself is an institution, as it retains the ability to influence the lives of masses its connection with racism is very complex.

What exactly media can do in this regard is the presentation of real facts and constructive measurements. Unfortunately, world media in general has not been very successful in nipping this evil in the bud. Instead the riots throughout the world on the base of color, creed and race have placed some deep imprints on even very well developed societies. For example, America being super power still have the crises of black and white; black are still convicted of many crimes, regardless of the matter they have commited that particular crime or not.

The ultimate negative consequence of racism is actually the hurdle for the intellect and talent to be equally appreciated. Here it becomes the prime responsibility of the media to resolve such conflict and let the opportunities be opened for everyone regardless of the color creed and race.

Blogging for Money!

Blogging has become a very profitable activity, as it’s the focus of advertisers searching for unique contents for target marketing of their products and services. It’s been the sixty thousand dollar question both for advertisers and bloggers to find each other. Many service providers are connecting the bloggers and advertisers to meet their mutual benefits. Smorty is one of these services creating opportunities for bloggers to get paid by advertisers by simply placing the links back to the advertisers’ site. This is in fact a healthy activity, by which one can sell his product or service anywhere in the world by advertising on blog, and on the other hand, bloggers blog for money.

I myself had a very good experience with
Smorty. The automated system at Smorty by which, blogger can select the advertiser of choice in order to write opinion about the product or service is really very good. It doesn’t only offer publishers to get paid for their opinions, but also supports affiliate program by which they can maximize their revenues. The over all services of Smorty are really very attractive for bloggers and advertisers both.

Karachi In the Line of Fire!

Walking on Shahra-e-Faisal early in the morning, while coming back from college, or even just watching the never stopping traffic from the window of my house, it’s always been a great pleasure for me to admire the great Sahara-e-Faisal in one way or other. I don’t know what’s that so much attractive in the Shahra, that made me to fall in love with it. Not only Shahra, but Karachi in its totality is my first love.

Though my origin is not from there, but m’ a Karachiite by soul. I even don’t know the reason for my love, but I must say that the city has the capacity to adjust all sorts of people in it. Karachi is also investor’s love being the economic engine of the country, and unluckily it’s been the love of political parties as well, not to garnish its beauty but to scratch its image for their personal benefits.

I’m not in the city now, but my love is still same, I still remember the free home delivery of Student’s Biryani, I still remember Sind High Court building where I been with my father, I still remember the traffic jam at M.A Jinnah road whenever going to buy a bundle of books from Urdu Bazar, and above all the Sea View which in fact I miss. While recalling my memories, I always found a peace and a sort of comfort for my soul, but what? It just made me to cry while watching my city today on television.

My people dying! My city in the flames! What’s all that? Where do we stand? What we’re doing? Who’s getting benefited from all this, one who was the only hope of his family, one who’s children are waiting outside the ICU, one who’s instructing from the distant continent, one who’s stuck with the chair or one who’s collecting the sympathies for the justice? It really made me perplexed…! My city does need sacrifices, but not in the way it happened today. Sacrifice is what brings peace of mind and soul, does all this bring such? Is this the way we’ll find peace? No, not at all!

I know my voice cannot access each and every citizen, but if some of them can have it, that may make a difference. At this moment we need to realize who we are, what we’re doing presently and what we ought to do. Ruining the peace of the city, destroying public property, killing the innocents, and deploying the beauty of the city is not the way out of our political problems. These issues need to be addressed on rational grounds, on the basis of equality and equity, and for the cause of societal benefit.

We need the institutionalization of society, and justice to be placed at the top while formulating any strategy for us. We need coordination, integrity, mutual understanding, and collective efforts for the outgrowth of the national moral. And that’s what I hope, can bring the beauty of my city back which’s the face of Pakistan.

Structured Settlements

Few days ago I’d to work on analysis of lump sump and structured settlements, regarding one of my research project. While browsing the web, I found a website of structured settlement. According to my previous studies, it’s been a very difficult time for one while selling the structured settlement in case if cash is needed at that particular time, with reference to some legal formalities and the complexity of the process. But on exploring the site I realized that how easy it has become for one to sell his / here structured settlement.

When the Company’s profile was investigated, it revealed that company is working with top class financial companies and is on the go to provide the structured settlement holders with the maximum satisfaction from the sale of their structured settlement. The company works on several payment plans, keeping all type of income groups in view.

It’s very systematic process at the SSQ’s end, providing online and offline support. SSQ provides its clients with a very convenient way by arranging mutual interests of the funding companies and the clients at a single desk. It is, however, the priority of SSQ to provide its client with the most satisfaction.

My research at SSQ rates it excellent, and I’ll certainly recommend people interested in selling their structured settlements to consult SSQ.

Looking Good, Not a big Deal!

Looking good is something which has always been the ultimate wish of individuals regardless of gender. Everyone makes effort in order to look good. These efforts, however, vary from person to person and situation to situation, but one thing which is most common in all efforts and is prescribed by health advisors is, ‘exercise’. Exercise in fact makes one’s muscles more likely to work in better way. Exercise, itself is a term containing wide range of activities. Push ups is one of the most effective exercise accelerating muscles to keep on working for long time. It’s a bit tough but Rotating Push Up Handles have made it more convenient.

Similarly, variations in exercise have brought a major change in day to day life. New methods and tools made exercise so comfortable that it has never been. While having so much convenience and ease, it’s must to avail the opportunity. Health is a blessing and rewards one with the strength to keep the day to day work going on. So maintaining this blessing is not less than a duty.

It is, however, of utmost importance to know that exercise alone is not the requisite of good health. Some more are there, i.e. balanced diet, proper sleep etc. By having balanced diet and exercise regularly, being good looking is none too difficult. It just needs a try.

Lean Manufacturing and the Outgrowth of Production Concern

Being a research student, Economic issues have always gimmicked my attention. Though not very professional, but I’m at least an Economist in Equilibrium. The issue which recently caught my attention is the ‘reduced cost of production’. I just explored the Lean Manufacturing Consulting and found a new way out for the industrialists. The new innovative methods to make the best use of the key resources can not only reduce the cost of production but also reduces the wastage.

The concept of Lean Manufacturing actually works on the principles of pull processing, perfect first time quality, waste minimization, continuous improvement and flexibility. The concept actually dates back from the times of Benjamin Franklin. It also showed the outgrowth of multinationals and other developed corporations of the world. Toyota is the living example of such. Having so much successful experiences the concept of lean manufacturing strongly demands to be applied in small scale businesses as well, where by the firms face a basic problem of increased cost of production.

The effectiveness of the concept in the developed establishments, have made me to ponder why not to have such methods of productions be the part of our industrial production. This will no doubt enhance the performance of the industrial units, and the economy will ride on the strong horse of GDP.