What If We Build Houses Properly & What If We Don’t

There was a buzz in architecture and building concerns in Pakistan after massive loss in 2005’s earthquake, but if we look at the implementation of those awareness programs, I’m not sure if we’ll find 10% success even. Not only with special reference of earth quake, but if we look at normal building styles, they don’t follow any such guideline.

This results not only the congestion in big cities, but may also be the core reason of massive loss, i.e. during floods, heavy rainfall, etc. I was amazed to read a research; it was basically describing alside windows. The facts this article mentions are worth considering. If it’s the one thing to consider in a building, there must be a lot in the whole construction!

I’m not sure if this is applicable here in Pakistan, but I’m sure a little percentage of population that builds houses by following core guidelines must exists. I can quote Aisha Bawany Academy [Karachi] in those few constructions that I know. It always seemed a mixture of traditional plus scientific construction to me.

Well, at the end, I don’t demand to build every building like Aisha Bawanay Academy, but at least they should follow the basic principles of building in order to avoid major losses.