Does Llife Have Any Alternate?

Just happened to experience an extremely scary scene and then realized that the securities like life insurance and car insurance really don’t work in most of the cases. I was on the way to office in the morning, when on signal, my eyes caught an ambulance, a little away from my van. The first impression was that this is probably a lady in there, wearing some colorful clothes.

Setting my spects and pondering a little more, the scene was horrible. There was a man, extremely injured, and having his clothes all red in blood. I was sure that he’s dead, may be in some road accident or so. But later, the lady sitting next to me convinced that he’s alive, as she may saw him moving his arm.

Well, the whole thing I’ve been thinking since then is: do the above mentioned securities really secure us, i.e. are we all secured by this way, and or are they exact replacement of a life?

4 Responses

  1. May Allah give him good health, ameen.

    Well, life has no alternate. There’s no replacement. Once time arrives, no insurances or any other thing will work. 🙂

  2. I disagree with the last commentor. There is no substitue for a lost parent, child and a sibling but life goes on. If a person who is responsible for taking care of a family of 2 kids and a wife.Then what will happend in case of his death? No one will take care of them and for those hard days life insurance will take care of some (financial) misery.

  3. Insurance from Islamic points of views is not recommended..

  4. i agree with both of you but the thing is the situation is out country now is such that even for a minor accident insureance n this thinngs are not of very help. As wut i exoperienced my frd had an accident n he was insured in very well known company it was a minoor one but to get wut was ourz frm them, for which he paying intallment regurally , was vry difficult n atlast we just did every thing by outselves n when got teh money it was like 6 months after.
    And 2ndly its ALLHA WHO protects u not these insurance n i dont say u must not do this but when it time its time… n ALLAH is the only JUST in the universe

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