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Tabla and Guitar Tablature seem to belong to same family. I’m not sure, but it’s my assumption. The later one is a bit technical, as it’s a form of musical notation, so complex for me to understand. The former one is also not that less technical as it needs years of experience and a deep deep devotion to play, but I do know about it, i.e. at least I know Zakir Hussain! And a little I read about it on Wikipedia says, “The playing technique for both drums [tables] involves extensive use of the fingers and palms in various configurations to create a wide variety of different types of sounds. The tabla is considered difficult to play because of the range of sounds that may be played. A small mistake in the placement of the fingers will result in a changed tone.” And, that’s why so many fanes Zakir Hussain has!

Well, it’s very strange that m’ writing about such things today with no planning. But it was just a thought while listening to the music for long today. I don’t know what’s it, but there’s a soothing effect in this instrument, so was trying to figure out, what’s that. I, however, couldn’t find any such till yet…… but it has something that lets it stand at top even after the invention modern musical instrument!