Blogging And Online Backup

It was about one year back when I decided to move this blog of mine to a .com domain, unfortunately being inexperienced at that time I couldn’t complete that project but that taught me many lessons including the importance of Online Backup. In fact the major failure of that project was that I relied on much on hosting company and didn’t have any backup. Hosting company’s site got hacked and I lost all my efforts. I’ve been a bit lucky that I’d all the data in HD, but I’d have left with a “Just Another WordPress Blog” if HD had corrupted.

Well, by that time onward I started being a little careful about my other sites.
Online backup is what you need if you’re in blogging or any other Internet business. The reasons to have online backup are very simple, i.e. you don’t need to hire for this, and your data is stored offsite on a secured data center, which is answerable to you. Further it reduces the probability of theft or misuse of your data.

Though backup is necessary for every site, but specifically talking about blogging I think it’s more than crucial as your blog contains your best write ups, memories and your worthy views, that should always be on a safe place and should be accessible to others, and for such, nothing is worth more than online backup. So being Internet people generally and bloggers specifically keep your views, memories and above all your precious words safe and sound on a reliable remote server and have happy blogging.

6 Responses

  1. Qurat, if it’s only the blog that’s needed to be backed up, you can also try

  2. Hmmm, but this provides backup for blogs only, isn’t it?

  3. Thanks Qurratulain for such a nice idea. Though I use to have backup of everything on my HD but definately, I will keep the online backup from now onwards.

  4. @drfarrukhmalik

    It’s all my pleasure sir to keep on exploring new things!

  5. we use and are VERY happy. i got the guy on the phone to give me a free 10 gig account if i purchased a 25 gig buisness account…their service is great which is exactly what i want if i have a crises and need them!

  6. Yes it’s only for blogs but it’s free. When it comes to backing up everything online, I would prefer bluehost which comes with 300GB of space with a $7.95 yearly fee.

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