Is This The Real Situation Of IT Sector?

I’m really happy to be a part of such a project where people can share what they really think! Yes, it is . Initially I wasn’t really interested in this. I was not sure in fact that this can go this way… probably the day to day changes in it made me to get into it that much.

ping my company's logoWell, the thing that impresses me is of course users’ interaction on board, and the way they speak about… I mean telling “Dil Ki Baat”. But, m’ really amazed to see if it’s the real condition of our IT sector. Comments by ex and existing employees of some organizations here and here are really interesting. But, this is not the case of our software houses only, same can be observed for major Technology players as well.

I’m really enjoying it, not only seeing the comments and PMC growing overnight, but also by posting whenever I like or dislike anything in any company. Experience it once and you’ll feel an inner satisfaction especially when something made you annoyed or really made you happy! 😉

Right Advertising Media: Guaranteed Success

While researching on the growth of businesses round the world the thing that I found common in all success stories was effective marketing and advertising. Whether it’s online marketing using Internet or the offline concern using billboards, magazines or newspapers etc, the thing that counts is conveying the message that people think is especially for them. And of course, this all depends on the choice of advertising media that suits the product or service best.

Presently, the world advertising industry has an investment of about three trillion dollars in it, which doesn’t only make it a leading industry but also reveals the fact that production/manufacturing, is nothing if advertising doesn’t exist. But advertising also doesn’t work if it’s not planned or the product or service is being advertised where it’s not needed.

Keeping this fact in mind, the best solution is to keep a track of advertising concerns, like Myadbase to have detailed information about the right advertising media with in and outside the particular area, i.e. both online and offline. Some people may say that while having online advertising as it has wide course of action, there’s no need of offline media, but spreading the message far and wide is not the only concern, instead many other factors matter, i.e. the intensity of message that penetrates in the mind of customers.

So do not only advertise, but manage your advertising to get far better results.

Digitize the happy moments!

The digital world has digitized everything from heavy duty machineries to small objects of day to day life. Whether it’s some past era or some time in the present, people always love to keep some memorable moments with them in one way or other. Invention of digital cameras has made this very convenient to save such moments, but retrieving the same has been an issue, i.e. getting the photos printed or the processing cost. But with the emergence of digital photo frame, this has been no more an issue.

A Sample Digital Photo Frame from


This works in very friendly manner. You just need to take a photo, and switch the memory card in your digital photo frame, it will start working and will continuously display your happy moments wherever you place the photoframe, i.e. wall, entrance, side table in the bedroom etc. it’s not something complex to operate, just works simply. Having digital photo frame is really a good way to keep you smiling every time it gets a hit of your sight on it.

Smooth Entertainment–Just A Single Click Away

The fastest models of day to day life and work loads make us all tired and bored. The only way out of this situation is to have some entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, the choice varies from person to person. For a person like me, the most soothing entertainment will be either going to have a long drive or to have a glimpse of some masterpieces of paintings. But being so much busy, it’s really a big deal to plan an outing. Uffizi tickets have solved this problem to a great extent. This is actually a site containing about 500 files of original paintings exhibited at real Uffizi Gallery.

It’s not a simple website but a great deal of collection of masterpieces. The site contains all general information about the Uffizi Gallery, index of Virtual Uffizi rooms, index of artists, advanced search form, reservation services for visiting the real gallery, and everything about Florence, Italy. I always wished to be in Italy, since the day I read Romeo Juliet, but unfortunately I couldn’t, but it seems Uffizi’s growing network will soon take me there. The site in my opinion is a super entertainment channel, for smooth entertainment lovers.

Blogging for Money!

Blogging has become a very profitable activity, as it’s the focus of advertisers searching for unique contents for target marketing of their products and services. It’s been the sixty thousand dollar question both for advertisers and bloggers to find each other. Many service providers are connecting the bloggers and advertisers to meet their mutual benefits. Smorty is one of these services creating opportunities for bloggers to get paid by advertisers by simply placing the links back to the advertisers’ site. This is in fact a healthy activity, by which one can sell his product or service anywhere in the world by advertising on blog, and on the other hand, bloggers blog for money.

I myself had a very good experience with
Smorty. The automated system at Smorty by which, blogger can select the advertiser of choice in order to write opinion about the product or service is really very good. It doesn’t only offer publishers to get paid for their opinions, but also supports affiliate program by which they can maximize their revenues. The over all services of Smorty are really very attractive for bloggers and advertisers both.