Career Development Bringing New Horizons Of Excellence For Construction Industry

Lately I wrote how much addicted I’m to the internet. I myself was shocked to see that on my blog I’ve written almost about every niche I know a little about. Well, today it’s something that I never wrote before, and it’s construction and related stuff I’ll discuss. Why I wanted to have my say on the issue was just a thought of comparison of collapsed bridge in Karachi (few months back) and the skyscrapers of the west. Well, by thinking about that accident, just a thought of career development of the whole sector came in my mind.

 Initially, I came up with the point to have some career development opportunities for operational employees only so that they can have better opportunities. I might have insisted on my say, but the logical explanations in the link above took me to a deep analysis. It stated that training matters for each and every level. And yes, it does! That’s one of the possible reasons for the outgrown development of Construction industry in west.

 Providing information for people associated with the construction industry about certification, latest health and safety legislation and career development like does can really help increasing the standards of industry. I’m not sure about the exact stats of improvement, but a clear difference will be there.

Combining The Psychology With Law: A Positive Experiment


I’ve discussed psychology, especially educational psychology in past to a very little extent. Later I also had my say on guidance and counseling etc, but I’ve never been able to explore forensic psychology. It was just a forensic psychology degree online that became the part of my browsing while looking for some legal things. For an instance, one may get confused that why I’m trying to relate both things, i.e. law and psychology. This is actually not me, but the nature of two that requires an interaction that in fact I also came to know a little earlier.


Once I used to think that individual illegal acts do not have any concern with the law and order situation in the country. I still couldn’t figure out, why I was of such opinion, probably lack of information or so, but as I’ve now discovered that the aggregate of the law and order situation is directly related to the individual acts. Well, while thinking about all these, something that we cannot forget is ‘law’ as occupation. I personally have not been interested in becoming a lawyer though having an ultimate guide in my family, but the scenario now a days and the continuous socio-legal events are urging me to have light on such issues.


Well, after exploring the site I mentioned above, I came to know that knowing psychology plays a vital role in dealing with criminal justice. It was really a good finding that for legal concerns it’s crucially important to find out the psychological motives behind a crime and to deal a case from such aspects as well. I then asked a law expert if we’ve any psychology subject in law. And as I was expecting, I got a negative response.


This is not to criticize the systems always, but just to mention a finding that’s being followed in developed country for better human development. I don’t mean that teaching a particular subject in theory entirely changes something, but it make difference and even is the base for practical exposure.

Once I met some students in Karachi University Criminology Department, I’m not sure if they had forensic psychology sort of thing in their syllabus or not, but those Police officers were really different from our typical police men. They explained, that how they’re taught to become a really good police men, and the difference was clearly seen. This thought just came in my mind with reference to the importance of psychological knowledge for law enforcement concerns.

Giving Offline Education An Online Touch: Step Towards Betterment

Don’t know why but it’s third continuous post on Education on my blog. Probably, getting too much involved in technical matters have taken me away from Education for sometime. I actually can’t stop writing on Education, because there’s an educator inside me, though is on hybernation now a days. Well, coming to the point, this post is just to highlight the importance, nature and scope of Online Education. What I’ve found in most of the cases that students avoid going for online education because they’re afraid of online scams etc. This made me to find out an alternative, and I’ve come up with a thought of having online systems in physically existing institutes like

This helps students to build students’ trust on online education as physical existence of an institute makes it sure that it’s not a scam. On the other hand, institutes can outgrow their outreach. Most of the success rests with the level of ease and comfort is being created for masses and the span they’ve access over resources.

Making things easy and affordable as is being followed in developed countries, can help us in various fields, I think, so why not to pick all goods from there!

Career Oriented Education In Pakistan: Just A Rough Idea

It was time when I’d to submit research proposal for my M.Phil, and I didn’t have access over basic information on Career Planning in Pakistan. I, however, managed to prepare a proposal and luckily it was accepted as well. The thing I’m stuck at even still right now is to measure the success factors of career oriented education in the country. Though a list of institutes claims to provide career consultancy services, but how many of them work exactly on what they say. Before having a glance of situation in Pakistan, I’d like to mention what I take as general career services. I myself can’t exactly outline so, but for a fair idea that I took from includes:

  • Helping students to acquire the necessary skills to find employment opportunities.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops to help students to make a better resume and cover letter etc
  • Guiding students with job searching strategies
  • Organizing job fairs
  • Having a strong connection with industry to refer their students

With my limited research, I’ve found that this list, though being practiced by some of prestigious institutes like LUMS, IBA etc, the percentage of its implementation in other universities and institutes is very less or near to zero. I’m not sure if I’m right or not, but the hard time that students face after graduating and entering into practical field reveals so.

Why Practical Education!

Many times I’ve written about the importance of practical education, and this is the system adopted by almost all developed countries. One of the factors of professional excellence is the exposure to practical aspects of a particular field rather relying on the theoretical notes.

I do remember one of my Finance teacher’s say in this regard. He often used to mention that “an illiterate guy having spent some years in KSE is more knowledgeable than that of a finance student,a finance student when enters into the market after having degree is not that good at even How To Trade Stocks, while the guy in market excells even while knowing nothing about the theory.”

This doesn’t mean that theory or subjective information does nothing, but it’s incomplete without having a practical exposure. And here in Pakistan, this is the dilemma of industry that lack of practical knowledge slows down the productivity level on hand, and professional development on other.

I’m not sure what exactly can be the ultimate measure to control such situation, but individual effort can make a real difference, i.e. students if explore the opportunities within their capacity and do some volunteer work related to their field can give them a real boost.

Career Oriented Education!

Career Planning Management (With specific reference to Pakistan) is the main theme of my thesis at M.Phil that I’ve stopped due to some personal and professional concerns. I’m in fact done with a major part of my research and the point I’m stuck at is the dimensions of careerer oriented education. The ultimate aim of career education that almost every normal being thinks about is to have an upgraded standard of living via particular profession. I really couldn’t figure out a strategic line, and was about to leave this issue when found a site here.

The institute offers career oriented approach for professional academics concerns. That’s what made me to ponder more, whether we’ve ever talked about this approach in our higher education system. Or if we did so, what was the rate of success. I believe this practice does exists in private sector here to some extent, but public sector in higher education has not ever planned career oriented education or in case if did so, that was not strategic. For instance I’ve not come across any policy till yet that has been designed in collaboration with the industrial sector, i.e. what industry needs and how to provide them such within local market, and the ultimate result is that industries find foreign qualified individuals as best choice for them.

That’s a musing within my capacity, but just curios to know where we are and where we should be!

Why Online Learning!

Sometimes back, I wrote about the benefits of Online Education, it was just my research and opinion on having maximum out of the latest technology, i.e. Internet, but by this time I’m really in need of such. The only reason for which my M.Phil is getting delayed is the unavailability of online learning facility at my university, and I’m out of town for some time. I’ll be ok even if my supervisor accepts my assignment online and I get the feedback in same way, but a great sigh only!

I’m really so much depressed over this, because the speed with which I’ve completed my sixteen years of Education was just remarkable, I never had a break in my studies, but this time I must have to manage a little break I think. Well, this is something making me upset for a moment, so wrote blogged about it, and I can write whatever make me comfortable, and also what I’m stuck at.

After having such experience, what I’d suggest students is to make sure that latest learning facilities are available in the institution you’re going, because in this era of technology if these facilities are available and not being used, it’s really a cruel injustice with the technology itself, and with the time on other.