Choice Of Good Web Host: A Matter Of Great Concern!

And finally I’m finished with moving all my blogs and sites to a new web host. It was something I may call the toughest thing on net I did. Moving the files and DBs was not a big issue, but the search for a good webhosting was something that really made me furious. I in fact had signed up for a reseller with a very good host in technical terms, but they wasted my five days, just because their support was too weak, I must say poor. Later they refunded me with apologies, but they can never pay me those five days back. By that time web hosting choice has become a matter of great concern for me.

I then spent some more days finding a good web host, not only in terms of technical matters but also in support, and I found one with which I’m comfortable till right now. Later, in near past, I got a request to review a web hosting related services. I’d to present a critical review of web hosting choice in fact. So, just started exploring the site and the annoyance I’d got from my hosting search experience just fled. For a moment I thought that if I’d have known about the site earlier I might have saved all my energies to work on some other constructive work. It’s really a sort of web hosting portal, enriched with all web hosting related stuff, i.e. a web hosting guide. If you’re looking to compare plans and services of some web hosting companies, have a look at the directory there and you’ll have a good picture.

Happy Hosting!

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  1. hmm finding the good webhosting is difficult task to these days whom to trust n whom not to.. i hope u r enjoying ur new host besides blog oxide wht other sites u have for which u got urself reseller plan…..

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