Be Busy But Take Good Care Of Yourself As Well

It’s a blessing to be busy, coz you’ve nothing to do any thing else if you’re busy with something. But sometimes it’s not a blessing when you’re that busy that can’t see the things round you. Being too busy working it happens mostly with me that I forget whether I had eaten something or not, m I sitting comfortably or not etc. Well, health is a big issue for people who spend most of their time working. One should make sure that he’s comfortable while working and your health is not getting affected due to this because you can provide best results only if you’re in best mental and physical health.

I’m writing this post after getting seriously down due to extensive work, and I’ll share some tips that my doctor gave me. They are as follows:

  • If you work a lot while sitting, make sure that you’ve got quality office chair with you.
  • Don’t just fill your stomach; instead eat healthy food because metal work needs more energy than physical work.
  • Include meat in your meals.
  • Make exercise a habit, and better is to go for one hour walk a day at least.
  • Don’t sit for long hours, instead take short breaks and refresh yourself.
  • Don’t overthink.

Well she said a lot more, but I forgot 😉 ….. so just follow the above and I’m sure we’ll feel a difference.