What Is The Solution?

While exploring some stats of World War II, I found an interesting fact that Germans were actually the people who discovered Methadone and named it as dolophine. Germans were actually not able to get morphine for their injured soldiers. Well this is the drug that’s most discussed round the world, now a days. Its also a well known pain killer, but the dilemma associated with it is same as other drugs, i.e. Methadone abuse. It’s being used aggressively by heroin addicts as well. Though there are many Methadone detoxification centers, but this is not the sustainable solution.

Well, the product abuse is not the case only in drug abuses, in today’s world, almost all useful products are being abused. Let’s don’t go that far, and stick to the mobile phones. The concept of wrong number friendships grow through cellular phones is more than that of any other mode of communication. I happened to receive such a call some days back. Identifying it an annoying one, I didn’t bother to receive the next call from same number, so decided to let it get missed. [My cell remains silent most of the time] Well, I got back to work, and then thought to call my mother that I’ll get late today, but it was dead. I was a bit confused as I normally recharge the cell battery after two or three days, and it was that day’s morning when I got it fully recharged.

Well, it was still a mystery for me till the time I got back home, recharged the battery…. and it was all clear than when saw 88 missed calls from that ‘wrong number’. I was impressed, really impressed to see the time people have. But more than that I’m depressed to see the misuse of facilities. Than we cry that inflation is increasing day by day…. Just want to know who’s doing so…. government, terrorists, or who else?

Getting Too Digital: Will It Work Here?

Since everything is getting digital, it’s definitely helping improve things. At least time saving, increasing production etc are really great achievements of digital world. Moving with present trends, when everything is online, I was just thinking if we can have population information systems online.

I’m not sure that this sort of idea can be successful, as most of the people don’t share their personal information on net. The other thing can be identity theft. Though I happened to find a similar system at Research Public Records‘ website. I liked the domains in which they keep records, especially the Maryland Court Records and birth and death records. I’m not sure if same sorta thing can help us improving society, but it’s really very attractive.

A Glimpse Of Nanga Parbat

Not sure, I read somewhere or heard about it that it’s called Killer mountain as well. Yes, it may be, being the ninth highest mountain of the world. Read the geographic details about Nanga Parbat here at Wikipedia if interested. But m’ more interested in showing whay it may be a killer mountain. So here it goes:

Does Llife Have Any Alternate?

Just happened to experience an extremely scary scene and then realized that the securities like life insurance and car insurance really don’t work in most of the cases. I was on the way to office in the morning, when on signal, my eyes caught an ambulance, a little away from my van. The first impression was that this is probably a lady in there, wearing some colorful clothes.

Setting my spects and pondering a little more, the scene was horrible. There was a man, extremely injured, and having his clothes all red in blood. I was sure that he’s dead, may be in some road accident or so. But later, the lady sitting next to me convinced that he’s alive, as she may saw him moving his arm.

Well, the whole thing I’ve been thinking since then is: do the above mentioned securities really secure us, i.e. are we all secured by this way, and or are they exact replacement of a life?

The Most User Unfriendly Systems We Have

It’s about half a month that my iNet banking is not working, reason being I changed my password. Now nor old, neither new password works, and above all, there’s no option password retrieval. I kept on searching any way out for so many days, and finally called the bank.

I was thinking they will probably reset it for me, but , there’s no such option and I’ll have to go personally to get a new iNet account if I want, otherwise forget about it!

It always makes me sad when I see such user unfriendly systems. Such systems may also exist in west as well, but the ratio is very very low. From a simple static site giving insurance quotes to a complex payment system, i.e. PayPal, everything seems giving a real user experience. I don’t mean to say that all of our systems are user friendly, but banks are the major cases, and they must be too easy to use and extremely user friendly. And the dilemma of our internet banking is that, 50% of internet users don’t use net banking because of the complex systems.

What Is Haraam?

There been long debates on ‘Is music Halal or Haram’, and have come up with hundreds of pages, so categorizing it halal and some haraam. Not on web, but in TV talk shows and live discussions, same is the situation. Well, keeping it in a corner, I got stuck on one thing, i.e. what actually is ‘haraam’. and found a thought provoking statement here:

Warning against playing with the word “ haram ”

It says, “we address the respectful scholars who tackle the word “ haram ” easily and set it free in their writings and fatwas that they should observe that Allah is watching over them in all that they say or do. They should also know that this word “ haram ” is very dangerous. It means that Allah’s Punishment is due on a certain act or saying, and should not be based upon guessing, whims, weak Hadiths, not even through an old book. It has to be supported by a clear, well-established text or valid consensus. If these last two are not found, then we revert the given act or saying to the original rule: “permissibility governing things”. We do have a good example to follow from one of our earlier pious scholars. Imam Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: “It was not the habit of those who preceded us, the early pious Muslims, who set good example for the following generations, to say, ‘This is halal , and this is haram . But, they would say, ‘I hate such-and-such, and maintain such-and-such, but as for halal and haram , this is what may be called inventing lies concerning Allah. Did not you hear Allah’s Statement that reads, ‘Say: Have you considered what provision Allah has sent down for you, how you have made of it lawful and unlawful? Say: Has Allah permitted you, or do you invent a lie concerning Allah?” (Yunus: 59) For, the halal is what Allah and His Messenger made lawful, and the haram is what Allah and His Messenger made unlawful.”

Home Is Really Sweet Home

Life is damn tough, especially when you go out to the market in day time. Yes, m’ talking about the hot weather outside. Home seems heaven when you come back. And, definitely home’s so! And making it a better place is always in everyone’s mind.

Though, I don’t care in this regard much, but two consecutive days out, facing the cruel sun helped me realize the importance of sweet home, and I happen to set some of ever scattered objects in my room. Though it’s seasonal, but once in a blue moon I do think that this thing should be placed here, and that there etc.

The fever didn’t end here, but made me to keep on browsing the same, found some really good designs, [will try to have one for me, if I get time] here in the gallery of Atlanta Faux Finishing. Sharing a few below: