Is This The Real Situation Of IT Sector?

I’m really happy to be a part of such a project where people can share what they really think! Yes, it is . Initially I wasn’t really interested in this. I was not sure in fact that this can go this way… probably the day to day changes in it made me to get into it that much.

ping my company's logoWell, the thing that impresses me is of course users’ interaction on board, and the way they speak about… I mean telling “Dil Ki Baat”. But, m’ really amazed to see if it’s the real condition of our IT sector. Comments by ex and existing employees of some organizations here and here are really interesting. But, this is not the case of our software houses only, same can be observed for major Technology players as well.

I’m really enjoying it, not only seeing the comments and PMC growing overnight, but also by posting whenever I like or dislike anything in any company. Experience it once and you’ll feel an inner satisfaction especially when something made you annoyed or really made you happy! 😉

See What’s here

Tabla and Guitar Tablature seem to belong to same family. I’m not sure, but it’s my assumption. The later one is a bit technical, as it’s a form of musical notation, so complex for me to understand. The former one is also not that less technical as it needs years of experience and a deep deep devotion to play, but I do know about it, i.e. at least I know Zakir Hussain! And a little I read about it on Wikipedia says, “The playing technique for both drums [tables] involves extensive use of the fingers and palms in various configurations to create a wide variety of different types of sounds. The tabla is considered difficult to play because of the range of sounds that may be played. A small mistake in the placement of the fingers will result in a changed tone.” And, that’s why so many fanes Zakir Hussain has!

Well, it’s very strange that m’ writing about such things today with no planning. But it was just a thought while listening to the music for long today. I don’t know what’s it, but there’s a soothing effect in this instrument, so was trying to figure out, what’s that. I, however, couldn’t find any such till yet…… but it has something that lets it stand at top even after the invention modern musical instrument!

What If We Build Houses Properly & What If We Don’t

There was a buzz in architecture and building concerns in Pakistan after massive loss in 2005’s earthquake, but if we look at the implementation of those awareness programs, I’m not sure if we’ll find 10% success even. Not only with special reference of earth quake, but if we look at normal building styles, they don’t follow any such guideline.

This results not only the congestion in big cities, but may also be the core reason of massive loss, i.e. during floods, heavy rainfall, etc. I was amazed to read a research; it was basically describing alside windows. The facts this article mentions are worth considering. If it’s the one thing to consider in a building, there must be a lot in the whole construction!

I’m not sure if this is applicable here in Pakistan, but I’m sure a little percentage of population that builds houses by following core guidelines must exists. I can quote Aisha Bawany Academy [Karachi] in those few constructions that I know. It always seemed a mixture of traditional plus scientific construction to me.

Well, at the end, I don’t demand to build every building like Aisha Bawanay Academy, but at least they should follow the basic principles of building in order to avoid major losses.

Sustainable Economic Development!!!!

The thing that pinches me more is to re think again and again, if innovations and development bring us comfort or further problems, and every time I think about this, I remain at the point from where I started. It’s mainly because, innovations and development have equal proportion of positive and negative aspects.

Starting from very common observation, i.e. changing life styles, we see tons of new things. For instance, a site I happen to find through links flood was about innovations in baby gifts. Similarly, from cattle transport to fastest cars, and from simple food to a variety, everything has been changed.

Once, while discussing with an industry expert, I’d come to know that it’s all about creating demand, and so economies grow. On the other hand the evolutions part of Science says, that declining age span, bad health and blah blah is the side effect of this development. But, I think it’s not side effect, it’s half of the effect.

Yes, I remember, a term, “Sustainable Economic Development” was a measure to keep a balance here, but I don’t see any such round!