Take a Food Break, Get Thinky Again!

The dilemma most of the writers face is that sometimes they don’t have anything to write on. Being a writer, I also happen to suffer from this situation. Many people find different ways out of it, but for me the only thing at this moment I need is to get relaxed in order to reenergize my thoughts and potentials. And you cannot get relaxed if you’re hungry, so the first thing to do is to find something to eat. Let’s start with my favorite foods, i.e. pasta, macaroni, pizza, biryani and much more. Some of them take parallel time to get cooked, but if you keep some pasta and spaghetti recipes at your desk, that’s more than wonderful.

Keeping recipes lets you make your favorite food ready within a short span of time. You’re half relaxed after having a delicious food of your choice. Now comes the time to get relaxed fully. You can have a little walk; can listen to your favorite music or whatever makes you feel refreshed.

Having a little break oils the stuck ideas and makes you more competent than before. Don’t let yourself crushed under the loads of professional duties, give a little time to yourself, and make life easy by keeping the instant solutions at your desk.

Well Planned Leisure; Making a Difference in Professional Attitude

If money would have grown on trees then every day would have been a Sunday. Since money doesn’t grow on trees and thus we’ve to work for it. The requirements of contemporary times have grown to such a great extent that Sunday has also become a working day. Working constantly though makes us professional on one hand but loads of work affects our physical and mental capabilities in a negative way. The best way out of it is to get refresh by planning for a short world of holidays. Psychologists and physicians recommend going outside the city you live in, at least for two days in a year.

Leisure if planned well results in the betterment of your professional attitude and outgrowth of working capacity. Though you can plan it yourself, but asking an expert is something more convenient for you saving your time and providing you with the best services.

Happiness in personal concerns and professional satisfaction all depends on how much you enjoy the life. Work hard, be professional but spare a little time for yourself to get reenergized. Everything will work in an increased pace if you’ve regained all your energies after a tough time with your job and other responsibilities.

What An Employer Is Looking In You?

The present corporate culture and the growth of industries brought some revolutionary changes in the work description and thus the appearance of jobs also took evolutionary stages. This has resulted in totally different trends in the job specifications. Employers are seeking individuals with maximum capabilities to handle the physical and behavioral work elements. Thus the contemporary job culture requires some specific traits and qualities in candidate. These qualities and traits may vary in accordance with the job specifications in different sectors, but in general these are same. They may be as follows:

Professional attitude

Willingness to work and learn

Interest in the field

Interest in the company

Reasonable attitude towards the compensation

Integrity and sincerity




Expression power

Organization and Management



Force of drive


Balanced personality

Good communication skills


Not everyone possesses all these traits, but some of them. It is, however, none too difficult to develop these traits through some external force, i.e. making and effort yourself. The more skills and traits you have the more chances of success are there for you.

The organizations actually look for their productivity first, and the traits mentioned above all result in the organizational productivity. That is what the reason organizations look for these traits in a single individual. By developing all these traits in you, you are not only letting the organization grow great guns but also develop the horizons of excellence for yourself. Having these traits developed in you, your skills get polished and your professional profile gets a boost.

The point to ponder in this regard is that how to develop these characteristics within yourself. This development is just a few steps away from you. Keep an Argus eye on surroundings, be updated with the latest trends in your field, keep on reviewing the industry of your concern, take good car of your health, keep alternative plans with you, respect the others’ views, explore new opportunities of learning, develop yourself to face all sort of challenges. By doing a little effort in this way you can become one employers looking for, so why not to give it a try.

Self Audit, The Success Tool

Auditing yourself is not a financial examination of your account here; instead it’s the examination of your own behaviors and the comparison of the same with the normal behaviors. Before applying for a specific job, if one audits himself, it’s nothing less than planned and organized utilization of one’s abilities and potentials. Self Audit gives you the better understanding of yourself, helping you to trace and rate your abilities, strengths, weaknesses, desires, aspirations, attitudes, likes and dislikes.

As a result of such an audit, you learn to construct a balance sheet of your own balancing your assets (abilities) and liabilities (duties).
In order to have a self audit, first classify your qualities in three different categories, i.e. physical traits, intelligence traits and personality traits. Each of these traits of your may have some similarities and some differences from the general masses. The similarities which are present in the majority of the masses are known as general behavior, and the exceptions make you unique. These exceptions can either be positive or negative. In case of a positive exception individual is remarked with plus points while negative exceptions devalue your reputation.

The relation of self audit and job is a direct one. One ought not to apply for a job if it doesn’t match with the physical, intelligence and or personality traits. And in other case one if wants to have a particular job which doesn’t match with his traits, he should try to fit his traits in accordance with the job requirements. For instance, some physical traits like height and build etc specify some particular jobs, intelligence in its various forms, i.e. musical, verbal mathematical intelligence etc plays key role in determining one’s career.

Keeping the personality in view and concentrating on likes and dislikes if one is fond of outing and cannot work while sitting on a single desk for long; he should opt for some out door job. Similarly if one is blessed with leadership and management capabilities he should make his best in management related career.

Self audit is a key role in determining your success in the career of your choice and the opportunities you need to avail, so don’t forget to have it before planning to pursue a career.

Success in an interview: just at your doorstep

Generally a candidate is evaluated for a specific job on the basis of physical, mental, and psychological behaviors he exhibits during the interview. This behavioral makeup of the candidate steals the show if it’s favorable and not such thing in case of unfavorable behavior. The physical behavior is determined by evaluating the action while the mental and psychological behavior is evaluated on the basis of verbal communication held during the interview.

The favorable attitudes of physical behavior include, early or timely arrival, confident and smiling, tidily and formally dressed, clear and pleasant tone of voice, responsiveness, determined attitude, and relaxed. On the other hand there are some unfavorable attitudes with reference to physical behavior of the candidate, which makes one be sunk. The unfavorable physical behavior may include, late arrival, badly dressed, diffident or offensive tone of voice, lacking determination, lacking concentration, tense and nervous.

Physical behavior of the candidate is though of prime importance, but if not exactly favorable can be covered by exhibiting excellently in verbal communication. This success needs one to be more concentrating on the main point or topic, express the idea sharply and clearly, be organized and well planned in answering to the questions or presenting ideas, make good use of humor, be spontaneous and self originated while replying, answering to the point and relevantly, be frank, sincere and respectful, keep a good eye contact and maintaining the equal level of confidence through out the interview process.
While making your verbal communication most effective during interview do remember you should not lack confidence, do not over generalize the subject, avoid irrelevancy, arguing, criticism and casting the eyes downwards. Improper humor, deviation from the theme, lack of organization, long pauses and inability to respond spontaneously can also affect your interview negatively.

Getting interviewed is not a big deal if one displays all physical and verbal behaviors in a positive way. Success is all yours if the opportunity is availed by putting a little effort and a full concentration. Favorable and unfavorable attitudes are the part of life but while being more specific to an opportunity it’s no wisdom to display any of the negative elements. Just be focused on the interview and win the battle.

Non Verbal Communication; Managing the routine environments

Flexibility of routine depends on the varying environments one interacts during a particular time period, i.e. a day or a week. These environments can generally be Physical or Natural environment, Social environment, Professional environment, Cultural environment. The foremost discussed environment is the interface for an individual and the rest of the world, i.e. living and non-living objects. Social Environment is the composition of general masses having common interests. And the last one, the Professional environment is the sum total of all the factors effecting formal attitudes of individual at his workplace, educational setting etc.

In general the Non-verbal factors which determine and then influence the communication methods can be eye contact, gesticulation, posture and over all facial expression. There’s no uniformity in the functioning of these factors, they do not always work in single style; instead the working of such factor depends on the prevailing environment. Or in other words the, eye contact, gesticulation, posture and facial expressions vary from situation to situation. For instance, facial expressions while talking to friends are quite different to that of while talking to boss, even if you’re discussing the same topic. This is what the ultimate impact of the prevailing environment, i.e. professional environment and social environment.

The diversity in non-verbal communication styles and techniques with reference to the environment is actually based on the difference in the composition and layout of each of the environments. For instance, the prevailing social setup an individual is communicating in, i.e. rural and urban. The social rights and duties of both the setups will be different in nature, requiring difference in the techniques of communication, so is the reason for variety in techniques of non-verbal communication in different environmental setups. With special reference to business environment the same can be found in an industrial and a corporate setup. In education, the differences can be based on the educational level, socio economic statuses of the students, and the locality as well.

The same patterns of communication apply in verbal techniques but the difference lies in the performance, i.e. the non-verbal communication works within itself, while the verbal communication does need non-verbal techniques as its supporting factor or one of its counterparts.

Digitize the happy moments!

The digital world has digitized everything from heavy duty machineries to small objects of day to day life. Whether it’s some past era or some time in the present, people always love to keep some memorable moments with them in one way or other. Invention of digital cameras has made this very convenient to save such moments, but retrieving the same has been an issue, i.e. getting the photos printed or the processing cost. But with the emergence of digital photo frame, this has been no more an issue.

A Sample Digital Photo Frame from digitalframez.com


This works in very friendly manner. You just need to take a photo, and switch the memory card in your digital photo frame, it will start working and will continuously display your happy moments wherever you place the photoframe, i.e. wall, entrance, side table in the bedroom etc. it’s not something complex to operate, just works simply. Having digital photo frame is really a good way to keep you smiling every time it gets a hit of your sight on it.