Second Most Influential Woman of the World In Pictures

It was yesterday morning when I signed in my MSN messenger and the pop up window directed me towards a slide show. It was eleven most influential women of the world in the year 2007. Benazir Bhutto was the second most influential woman after Hillary Clinton, and she was really so, in fact she was more than that, I think, as circumstances for both the ladies were quite different including social and political arena. I thought that time to blog about the slide in the evening, but the sad event of Benazir’s assassination and the situation in the city didn’t let me do so.

I still m’ sitting with no words to write, but a little googling helped me to come up with a pictorial overview of Benazir’s life span. Here it is:

Young Benazir with her mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto 

Young Benazir with mother Begum Nusrat Bhutto

Benazir in sweet teens

Benazir in sweet teens

The Intelligent Youth

Intelegence at its optimum, Benazir Bhutto


The Versatile Benazir

Returns home 

WHen Benazir got back to Pakistan

Enters into Pakistani Politics

Making the solid decisions

The pure Asian Bride 

A Leader

Great Mother 

And then towards a final journey

Interesting Find

It’s very little time back that I got quite serious in Internet Marketing stuff, and so exploring, reading analaysing and having my say on Internet Marketing has become a routine activity for me. It’s really fun, you explore what you want to and many times what you really didn’t intend to find. One of such experience for me was the finding of Dental Marketing.

It seemed an innovative concept to me atleast! And m’ preparing myself to explore the arena to a little more extent. Besides that, I already knew an Indian dentist cum webmaster. I read some of his dental care writings and webmastering tips and techniques as well and found him on a distinguished path. Though having a satisfied review, I was still not comfortable with the combination, but the finding above made me to think once again!

Thought of A Retired Life!

Again I’ve been away from blog for some days, and the simple reason was my stringent schedules. Well, m’ back but seems I’ve nothing to share except the time. I was just wondering for some days that why it’s so sped up, seems time is running, and soon will enter into another stage of life, the so called ‘old age’. Well, this old age may have its own charm if provided with requisites of its own. But that’s very rare, mostly the cases end up with depression, lack of attention of family members etc.

This made me to explore old-age thing a bit more, and found retirement homes thing. It’s nothing different then Second Inning’s house of ‘LagayRaho Munna Bhai’, so recalled my memories of some of the clips from that movie. Well, I’m really not that serious about old age, as I’m left with some golden years to enter into this phase, 😉 .Besides that, I found such sort of social networking as an increasing user base of internet. Mostly the social networks are occupied by youngsters and business professionals, but social networking of retired persons will definitely be a good step towards the outgrowth of internet.