Who am I?

Who am I?

Sometimes I ponder

And even wonder

Who am I?

Pakistani, Chinese, Asian

Or a free citizen of global village

I’m Pakistani, being borne here

No m’ Chinese having parents origin there

Oh! I’m baffled

M’ Pakistani, but love China

M’ Chinese but love to live in Pakistan

No, no this isn’t my identity

I’m Asian

But listen………!

He’s Asian, she’s Asian, and they all are.

Where am I among them?

Or being Asian what’s new?

I’ve the same eyes an Arab has

The same nose a European has

And the same brain an American has.

Oh God! I’m lost

My identity, my individuality….

Is found nowhere


I think I found

Yes, I found my identity

It’s some where very near to me

It lies in my thoughts

In my deeds

Oh yes! It’s my inner self, that’s me.

***I’ve never expressed my self in poetic context ever. and this is my first poem ever, which i wrote to present my idea on “National identities Session” organized by British Council Pakistan (My theme was Multiple identity). I wrote these words by placing myself in the shoe of my Chinese friend (born in Pakistan but has parents’ origin of China) whom i met in the “University Students’ Project”.