Blogging for Money!

Blogging has become a very profitable activity, as it’s the focus of advertisers searching for unique contents for target marketing of their products and services. It’s been the sixty thousand dollar question both for advertisers and bloggers to find each other. Many service providers are connecting the bloggers and advertisers to meet their mutual benefits. Smorty is one of these services creating opportunities for bloggers to get paid by advertisers by simply placing the links back to the advertisers’ site. This is in fact a healthy activity, by which one can sell his product or service anywhere in the world by advertising on blog, and on the other hand, bloggers blog for money.

I myself had a very good experience with
Smorty. The automated system at Smorty by which, blogger can select the advertiser of choice in order to write opinion about the product or service is really very good. It doesn’t only offer publishers to get paid for their opinions, but also supports affiliate program by which they can maximize their revenues. The over all services of Smorty are really very attractive for bloggers and advertisers both.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog..

    I have been trying to make some money since long.. sigh… nothing is coming..

    BTW, nice postings

  2. Well dear, there are a lots of opportunities, just google, you’ll find 100s of them.

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