Is This The Real Situation Of IT Sector?

I’m really happy to be a part of such a project where people can share what they really think! Yes, it is . Initially I wasn’t really interested in this. I was not sure in fact that this can go this way… probably the day to day changes in it made me to get into it that much.

ping my company's logoWell, the thing that impresses me is of course users’ interaction on board, and the way they speak about… I mean telling “Dil Ki Baat”. But, m’ really amazed to see if it’s the real condition of our IT sector. Comments by ex and existing employees of some organizations here and here are really interesting. But, this is not the case of our software houses only, same can be observed for major Technology players as well.

I’m really enjoying it, not only seeing the comments and PMC growing overnight, but also by posting whenever I like or dislike anything in any company. Experience it once and you’ll feel an inner satisfaction especially when something made you annoyed or really made you happy! 😉

See What’s here

Tabla and Guitar Tablature seem to belong to same family. I’m not sure, but it’s my assumption. The later one is a bit technical, as it’s a form of musical notation, so complex for me to understand. The former one is also not that less technical as it needs years of experience and a deep deep devotion to play, but I do know about it, i.e. at least I know Zakir Hussain! And a little I read about it on Wikipedia says, “The playing technique for both drums [tables] involves extensive use of the fingers and palms in various configurations to create a wide variety of different types of sounds. The tabla is considered difficult to play because of the range of sounds that may be played. A small mistake in the placement of the fingers will result in a changed tone.” And, that’s why so many fanes Zakir Hussain has!

Well, it’s very strange that m’ writing about such things today with no planning. But it was just a thought while listening to the music for long today. I don’t know what’s it, but there’s a soothing effect in this instrument, so was trying to figure out, what’s that. I, however, couldn’t find any such till yet…… but it has something that lets it stand at top even after the invention modern musical instrument!

The Internet Addict: Yes, It’s Me!

This post of mine has nothing to do with business, education or any other thing. It’s just my personal concern that I want to go under off topic. Probably it’s not that personal as it’s the case with many people who spend much of there time online. Online nature of work and my academic requirements have made me internet addicted. According to some rough stats I spend 13 to 15 hours a day on internet.

 I think I can browse internet and spend my time here up to three continuous days even without food, J. One of the reasons for so can be the availability of each and everything here, i.e. even printer ink can be found online. Well, this is not only my case, but many of my friends who use to remain online for 24/7. Once a member at grand CSS Forum has also commented for me that he wonders how do I M Possible, Muskan and me manage being available there for 24/7. Though some of my responsibilities have been shifted and m’ not that much active there now a days, but soon I’ll be back there. I’m really missing the hot discussions there.

 This entire scenario attracts me a lot, and I really enjoy both my work and studies. I wonder, I won’t have been able to manage all this if it all would have been offline. And being internet geek, I expect some online food system soon. Let’s see if we can have such!

Planned Tour: Maximum Enjoyment

I’ve written more than enough about outing and traveling in past couple of weeks. Not sure, but seems I need some outing as well. I’ve also mentioned earlier in a post that according to experts, it’s very crucial to be out of your city at least for two days in a year. That takes the clouds of tension away from your head and help re energize you. I completely agree to this research, but something that I think is very important while going out is planning, i.e. where to go, what to do there etc. whether you’re going somewhere within the country or across the boarder, have a well planned outing, for instance if you’re going to UK, don’t forget to have London Pass.

This is a card that gives you free entrance on many important places in London including, Tower Bridge Exhibition, Shakespeare’s Globe, Windsor Castle and London Aquarium etc all in one time fee. I recommend this sort of cards and services, because they save your time and money on one hand and let you enjoy your trip fully on other hand.

I myself have been planning to have holidays somewhere out of town for years but couldn’t have one till yet. One of the reasons was that I really didn’t know where to go, but now I’ve come up with the opinion that, it takes just a short time to explore some areas, look at if some services like one I mentioned above are available, avail them and have a happy tour.

Virtual Tour De Pakistan!

Travel and tourism not only a growing industry to have an economic look at, but also a best thing to consider when the workloads and professional duties have squeezed all your energies. This is the best time to search for some place to have outing, and according to experts it’s crucial to leave your dwelling for at least two days in a year, and should go out of city even. This is what a general overview about travel, but specifically there are many things associated with travels, like travel insurance over 70, tourism management, and even the whole hospitality industry is a matter of great concern, from finding employment opportunities to having your own business in it.

Well, today, I won’t talk more about the hospitality industry and the economy, instead just to draw readers attention towards some beautiful and worth visiting places in Pakistan. Almost the whole of north is blessed with remarkable heart touching places exhibiting natural beauty. I myself belong to Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir, and have seen a major part of it. Placing a snapshot here.Banjonsa, Rawalakot

Besides Azad Kashmir, I’ve been to Ayubia some 10 or so years back! Lovely schooling those days! Ayubia
Some places, I’ve not been to, but wish to be there at least once are Kaghan and Chitral


Though north has much in it, but south is not far behind, especially the beach. How can I forgot my Karachi!

French Beach Karachi

Clifton Karachi

Images courtesy: wikipedia and Government of Pakistan

Recalling my memories……….!

Some two weeks back I happened to be there on a tour to northern areas. After a long long time of stress and continuous work, it was a great pleasure to have an outing like this. Though the tour was a short one consisted of two days only, but the amount of enjoyment I had was countless. I wish that time could last forever, but nothing can be done now. It was none too difficult if I would have been aware of the benefits of camcorders by that time and would have one in my hands.

The portable device with superb functions though doesn’t take you physically to the memorable past, but lets you in there mentally. Now I’m back to work and recall my memories to get relaxed, but I’d have enjoyed much if I’d have been able to display the events again and again to get refreshed. By next time I hope to have a camcorder with me, so will I recommend my readers to have such.

Past events though do not make progress in your life, but memorable moments reenergize you if they are repeated frequently. Making life happy is all in your hand, just make it the way you want.

Well Planned Leisure; Making a Difference in Professional Attitude

If money would have grown on trees then every day would have been a Sunday. Since money doesn’t grow on trees and thus we’ve to work for it. The requirements of contemporary times have grown to such a great extent that Sunday has also become a working day. Working constantly though makes us professional on one hand but loads of work affects our physical and mental capabilities in a negative way. The best way out of it is to get refresh by planning for a short world of holidays. Psychologists and physicians recommend going outside the city you live in, at least for two days in a year.

Leisure if planned well results in the betterment of your professional attitude and outgrowth of working capacity. Though you can plan it yourself, but asking an expert is something more convenient for you saving your time and providing you with the best services.

Happiness in personal concerns and professional satisfaction all depends on how much you enjoy the life. Work hard, be professional but spare a little time for yourself to get reenergized. Everything will work in an increased pace if you’ve regained all your energies after a tough time with your job and other responsibilities.