And I Learnt A Little About Turtle Trading

Lately I happened to read about turtle trading, and thought it has to do something with animals or so. As it was something new to me being away from what I studied in academics for quite a long time, I really couldn’t figure it out at first instance. Well, found it lately, and it revealed a totally different story. It’s some two decades or so back that a famous trader Richard Dennis moved from $2,000 to $200. Later he taught his strategies to some fourteen people whom he gave his money also to trade and called them turtles.

I’m not sure, or didn’t find any clue why he called them turtles probably using the opposite word for the rapid growth in accounts. Anyways, coming back to the point, his turtles earned $175 or so millions in just five years! One of his original turtle I found some details about on net is Russell Sands, who also helps people to learn Managed Futures Trading Account and of course earn out of it as well. There’s a lot more stuff there, but generally what he targets is:

  • Help people know about the balanced trade
  • Understanding the forex system
  • Using the strategies more practically.

There may be more deep down things, but this is what I got!