Economy Of Credit Cards And The Consumer Equilibrium

Researching on the economies has been one of my favorite hobbies for some time back, and something that I learn most from. I remember the days spent in university studying finance, though seemed a bit dry those days, but with the passage of time it became a domain of my extreme interest. What actually made me to get inside the field is still undiscovered, but the sped up banking systems focusing more on consumer products has really made me to explore the avenues, and the products I’ve researched on till yet are ATM/debit/credit card, car financing, house financing etc.

Though researched but couldn’t experience the later two while have had some good experience with the former facilities. I in fact used debit card most of the time, but as it can’t replace credit card, and I needed one so applied for such but the procedure here in Pakistan is a bit time consuming as compared to the banks working in developed countries like UK etc. Not only the quick turn round but some additional features of credit card, like one is offered by Co-operative Bank are really makes the credit card economy worth considering for both the consumers and the banking sector.

While having a look at the features of credit card offered by The Cooperative Bank, I found that a consumer will be in equilibrium if the rate doesn’t change for about five years, if he’s given 46 days interest free credit if the balance is fully paid by due date along with some travel rewards. Another feature I liked most at the website was about the donations for good cause, i.e. 1.25p on the transaction amount of 100 pounds. That’s what the bank is on the go with making thousands of customers satisfied and of course resulting as a national equilibrium. And not to mention this is one major factor that helps the developed countries to further boost their economies by the economic growth both at micro and macro levels.

I’d a good experience writing a research paper on micro finance for Institute of Bankers Pakistan, which I’d share some three months after it’s published in their magazine, but till then I can recommend a credit card economy just like one I’d discussed above.

Disclaimer: Details are accurate at date of publishing.

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Digitize the happy moments!

The digital world has digitized everything from heavy duty machineries to small objects of day to day life. Whether it’s some past era or some time in the present, people always love to keep some memorable moments with them in one way or other. Invention of digital cameras has made this very convenient to save such moments, but retrieving the same has been an issue, i.e. getting the photos printed or the processing cost. But with the emergence of digital photo frame, this has been no more an issue.

A Sample Digital Photo Frame from


This works in very friendly manner. You just need to take a photo, and switch the memory card in your digital photo frame, it will start working and will continuously display your happy moments wherever you place the photoframe, i.e. wall, entrance, side table in the bedroom etc. it’s not something complex to operate, just works simply. Having digital photo frame is really a good way to keep you smiling every time it gets a hit of your sight on it.

Reliable Shopping Carts for merchants

The world of internet has brought new trends in the business. Merchants using modern E Business tactics are leaving no stone unturned to explore the new heights of development. The most unique feature of E Business is that one can sell his product anywhere in the world at any time in the day or night. But have you ever imagined how all these transactions are managed. Certainly, if there would have been no shopping cart software, merchants won’t have been able to grow their businesses till this extent.

In this scenario, the most important concern for the merchants is to have the best shopping carts, so that the flow of business could be managed in much better way. Finding good e commerce softwares is though a technically complex matter, but what if someone like Ashop Commerce has solved this problem of yours, by providing latest and reliable hosted shopping carts for your business. Just consult Ashop Commerce and make your best choice.

Calorie Counter: Life Saver

Health has always been an important concern in almost all the societies. In this regard, the changing composition of food items has brought the biggest challenge for health, i.e. increased weight. Weight lose is crucial not only to be in better health but also to look good and actively participate in day to day work. In the fastest world people are left with no time to have detailed analysis of their present diet. Solving this problem, calorie counter has brought all fitness related information and tools at a single desk.

One needs not to pay anything for accessing Myfitnesspal’s information board. Their diet journal compatible with any meal providing the best way to lose weight and free diet profile are the prominent services they offer. It’s simply the best free calorie counter. Not only this, but it provides with 24/7 support. And all dieting tips, recipes, fitness advice and etc are delivered right in your inbox.

Stair Lift: An innovation in Lifts’ Family

Time has always brought revolutions in human life. From caves to today’s skyscrapers, the human history is full of remarkable conquests. This has leaded the man to the new arenas of growth and development. On broader level, once it was too difficult to travel and communicate across the continents, now the internet technologies have reduced all the distances. At domestic level once people with physical disorder used to have trouble moving within their home, making them sicker and others tensed, now the stairlifts have solved this problem.

The working of chair lift and stair lift is approximately bases on same principles; the only difference is the purpose. Chair lift is the amusement tool and the stair lift is a necessity. While exploring about this product I’ve found some very delicate samples of stair lift on Valuestairlifts’ Website. Here’s one of them.

A Sample from

It’s very true that having a stair lift for people having difficulty in climbing stairs is not less than a blessing.