A Glimpse Of Armed Rule In Pakistan

The present political situation in Pakistan is deploying the national image on one hand and weakening the political structure on other. I myself have once been one of the supporters of Musharraf policies, but I started lifting my support sometime back. In fact the issues like CJ case, and later the way police misconduct lawyers and the law itself were really intolerable for not only me but for masses.

The situation has divergent effects, i.e. not only the political arena is being disturbed but the whole system including social and economic infrastructure. I’m not sure but having a glimpse of political history of Pakistan, what I’ve found that most of the development in Pakistan is credited to Army rules, but one thing that all Generals have failed to cope with was consistency in policies and behaviors. All of them though participated in the good of nation, by growing economy and improving the standard of living (to some extent) as well, but each time the sudden change in ‘political behavior’ resulted as a demolition of system on one hand and the rule on other.

2 Responses

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  2. armed rule always prove bad 4 pakistan.so please democratic rule should be ruled in pakistan.
    pakistan live long god bless our armed forces thanks

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