Emergency In Stock Market: Annuities, Shares & Investors

I’d probably have my say on this issue right after the imposition of emergency in the country, but the banned media and unavailability of authentic information didn’t let me do so. One of the successes that Musharraf government claims to be credited for is the outgrown stock market that has broken almost all the records. It’s fact that the growth in stock market influenced the masses, letting individuals from all spheres to invest and have an eye on financial concerns, i.e. stock, annuities, shares etc. and that was a plus point for the economy as a whole and for corporate and manufacturing sector in particular.

The records are broken once again, but the only difference by this time is the negative impact of emergency on the market. According to the newspaper stories, KSE 100 index lost 635.80 points while KSE 30 index lost 819.35 points. In numbers market recorded a grand loss of 4.07 trillion rupees, and out of 378 registered companies 317 closed in red. Now, what a common man can think of at this time is to get back the possible amount of money, and of course for big investors it’s a matter of great concern.

Not insisting to believe what I say, but it’s sure that the imposition of emergency situation in the country by Musharraf government has impinged on its only success, i.e. the outgrown stock market.

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