Who Is Responsible For The Development?

Development of a nation does depend on the efforts of its people but the part of efforts by leaders weighs more. Was just exploring the history of Norway and found that the country is not that old, but the development shows quite good signs. If you ever happen to visit Oslo or any other part of the country or just read about it from authentic sources like CIA world fact book and the Economist etc, you’ll feel the difference. It just started developing after Second World War.

Later when I tried relating such development with ours, I really couldn’t understand what exactly we’re lacking. We have resources, both natural and human, and financial resources have also not been a matter as we’d got enough amounts from World Bank and IMF. So what exactly was the reason that we’ve not developed like European or some other countries? Certainly it was leadership! Is it something else?

Don’t know why, but I’m of the opinion that ‘Goo Leaders Make a Good Nation’, and we lacked such, so just don’t want to give another chance to same old faces.

2 Responses

  1. Aoa. i m agree with your openion. it is more unfortunate for pakistanies that they have not a leader like Quaid-i Azam, Mahatir muhammad and many other renowned leaders of the world. the main purpose of our leaders is to come into government and to occupy the wealth of the nation. nobody makes sincer efforts for the development of the nation.

  2. I also like Mahatir Mohammad, Park Chung Hee, Mao Zedong and Musharraf !

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