Career Oriented Education In Pakistan: Just A Rough Idea

It was time when I’d to submit research proposal for my M.Phil, and I didn’t have access over basic information on Career Planning in Pakistan. I, however, managed to prepare a proposal and luckily it was accepted as well. The thing I’m stuck at even still right now is to measure the success factors of career oriented education in the country. Though a list of institutes claims to provide career consultancy services, but how many of them work exactly on what they say. Before having a glance of situation in Pakistan, I’d like to mention what I take as general career services. I myself can’t exactly outline so, but for a fair idea that I took from includes:

  • Helping students to acquire the necessary skills to find employment opportunities.
  • Conducting seminars and workshops to help students to make a better resume and cover letter etc
  • Guiding students with job searching strategies
  • Organizing job fairs
  • Having a strong connection with industry to refer their students

With my limited research, I’ve found that this list, though being practiced by some of prestigious institutes like LUMS, IBA etc, the percentage of its implementation in other universities and institutes is very less or near to zero. I’m not sure if I’m right or not, but the hard time that students face after graduating and entering into practical field reveals so.

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