Giving Offline Education An Online Touch: Step Towards Betterment

Don’t know why but it’s third continuous post on Education on my blog. Probably, getting too much involved in technical matters have taken me away from Education for sometime. I actually can’t stop writing on Education, because there’s an educator inside me, though is on hybernation now a days. Well, coming to the point, this post is just to highlight the importance, nature and scope of Online Education. What I’ve found in most of the cases that students avoid going for online education because they’re afraid of online scams etc. This made me to find out an alternative, and I’ve come up with a thought of having online systems in physically existing institutes like

This helps students to build students’ trust on online education as physical existence of an institute makes it sure that it’s not a scam. On the other hand, institutes can outgrow their outreach. Most of the success rests with the level of ease and comfort is being created for masses and the span they’ve access over resources.

Making things easy and affordable as is being followed in developed countries, can help us in various fields, I think, so why not to pick all goods from there!

3 Responses

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  2. This choice of education has accreditation, which means that the institution has passed a particular set level of standards through a recognized organization for upholding quality education.

  3. very nice i like it so much

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