Anticipating A Happy Weekend

I know it happens to most of the people, but in my case I think I can’t skip. Whenever I plan to have a good weekend, something just happens that I can’t do so. And that’s why I’m quite annoyed as well, as it’s going to be a weekend again. Let’s see if I can have just two holidays in my life, that I can enjoy fully! Well, I was just trying to find what I can enjoy with in order to have a good weekend, and just thought why not to have some fun with Motoracer if I don’t gt chance for outing!

Some people, who know me a little will probably be amazed to see me talking about computer games, but I really do enjoy these, especially racing thing, and m’ really fond of Motoracer, 🙂 I first time played it an year back when there was some problem with my internet connection and I had nothing to do. I then found a set of Motorcycle DVDs my brother brought, and since then I’m a great fane of it!

Well, m’ not sure if I can have a short time free a weekend even but hope to enjoy little things for sure!

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