Thought of A Retired Life!

Again I’ve been away from blog for some days, and the simple reason was my stringent schedules. Well, m’ back but seems I’ve nothing to share except the time. I was just wondering for some days that why it’s so sped up, seems time is running, and soon will enter into another stage of life, the so called ‘old age’. Well, this old age may have its own charm if provided with requisites of its own. But that’s very rare, mostly the cases end up with depression, lack of attention of family members etc.

This made me to explore old-age thing a bit more, and found retirement homes thing. It’s nothing different then Second Inning’s house of ‘LagayRaho Munna Bhai’, so recalled my memories of some of the clips from that movie. Well, I’m really not that serious about old age, as I’m left with some golden years to enter into this phase, 😉 .Besides that, I found such sort of social networking as an increasing user base of internet. Mostly the social networks are occupied by youngsters and business professionals, but social networking of retired persons will definitely be a good step towards the outgrowth of internet.

2 Responses

  1. Assalamalikum,
    …hmm social networking of retired people can be a good step towards the outgrowth of internet. But please, don’t you start thinking of ‘old age’, at present. You know what, you are a great inspiration for me. It feels great to have women like you in Pakistan, otherwise you must be well aware of women status and their rights in Pakistan. Living abroad, i miss my country a lot and when I see women like you, I get encouraged towards my goals. So dear please don’t start thinking of your old age, atleast not at present. Good luck for your future. May Allah bless you with a prosperous life, ameen. There is still lots to say, but have got no words to express how much you have inspired me and how much i like you….Keep up your kind attitude!

  2. Hi Nida,

    Thanks for having your say dear. You’re Nida Shaukat from CSS Forum, if m’ not mistaken. Well dear, I don’t always think for a retired life, but sometimes, i.e. when get tooo worky! lolz!

    It’s really great pleasure to see that people have some high expectations from me. Thanks a lot for expressing your kind feelings for me!


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