Career Oriented Education!

Career Planning Management (With specific reference to Pakistan) is the main theme of my thesis at M.Phil that I’ve stopped due to some personal and professional concerns. I’m in fact done with a major part of my research and the point I’m stuck at is the dimensions of careerer oriented education. The ultimate aim of career education that almost every normal being thinks about is to have an upgraded standard of living via particular profession. I really couldn’t figure out a strategic line, and was about to leave this issue when found a site here.

The institute offers career oriented approach for professional academics concerns. That’s what made me to ponder more, whether we’ve ever talked about this approach in our higher education system. Or if we did so, what was the rate of success. I believe this practice does exists in private sector here to some extent, but public sector in higher education has not ever planned career oriented education or in case if did so, that was not strategic. For instance I’ve not come across any policy till yet that has been designed in collaboration with the industrial sector, i.e. what industry needs and how to provide them such within local market, and the ultimate result is that industries find foreign qualified individuals as best choice for them.

That’s a musing within my capacity, but just curios to know where we are and where we should be!

2 Responses

  1. You are right about it. I think this is the reason we lag behind in competition. I don’t know when this situation will change but let’s hope for the best!

  2. we keep on saying that there’s not sufficient support from Government in terms of policy regulations and of course the monetary aspect.

    But if we do invest some part of Higher Educations spendings in the upbringing of initial years of our children. That would make a great impact. Changes won’t happen overnight, but hopefully after a decade of so, we’ll witness significant progress. Plus a thorough check on the whole system..

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