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I didn’t write anything on blog for days, a bit or too tired, but don’t know why, whenever I see this blog of mine,  I want to share anything I’ve in mind at that particular moment. Today unfortunately I don’t have anything to share, but an off topic concern.

Lately I wrote an article on Interior decoration, though not my field but was an exciting experience, as it was much related to child psychology. It was about the relationship of physical environment children live in and their growth. While browsing the web, I’ve come across some really new concepts. I was though aware of child psychology to some extent but didn’t know how  a child perceives and care for his bedroom and other places he frequently visits.

That was a long debate on Educational and child psychology, but the research on web had a very good experience when I found really some good stuff related to crib bedding . Literally, I wished I could go back to that age once again, but just on reminder that I’ll have to struggle for all those degrees and stuff again the thought was aborted!

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  1. Nice interview Qurratulain. Best of luck for your CSS exams too.

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