Why Online Learning!

Sometimes back, I wrote about the benefits of Online Education, it was just my research and opinion on having maximum out of the latest technology, i.e. Internet, but by this time I’m really in need of such. The only reason for which my M.Phil is getting delayed is the unavailability of online learning facility at my university, and I’m out of town for some time. I’ll be ok even if my supervisor accepts my assignment online and I get the feedback in same way, but a great sigh only!

I’m really so much depressed over this, because the speed with which I’ve completed my sixteen years of Education was just remarkable, I never had a break in my studies, but this time I must have to manage a little break I think. Well, this is something making me upset for a moment, so wrote blogged about it, and I can write whatever make me comfortable, and also what I’m stuck at.

After having such experience, what I’d suggest students is to make sure that latest learning facilities are available in the institution you’re going, because in this era of technology if these facilities are available and not being used, it’s really a cruel injustice with the technology itself, and with the time on other.

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