Pakistan Hijacked Once Again!

COAS has set emergency rule in Pakistan, but at the same time it’s reported that the constitution of 1973 has also been dissolved. The point that media is also focusing on is, if there’s no constitution left, how can it be an emergency rule, as it needs to be under some constitution. This sort of emergency is still a question mark for world media, but being Pakistani I know everything is possible in Pakistan.

Let it be emergency or a Martial law, but did we need it, especially at this time. Benazir Bhutto has also paid a mysterious visit to Pakistan and is avoiding having say on the current situation, isn’t it something fishy? Besides that, the main thing is to see what will be the response of Super powers, though they are opposing the decision at the moment.

Just happened to listen to Dr. Shahid Masood, and he says that a single call from Ma’am Condolizza Rice can stop emergency call in the country, but I wonder why would she do so!

Well, let’s see what happens and I’m not sure that this post of mine will be able to go on air!

4 Responses

  1. Nononononon. Cell phones are on. I have called my friends in Islamabad, Hyderabad, Lahore, Quetta and Multan multiple times during the past couple of hours.

    I am sure that there are problems with cell phones because of the excess traffic.

  2. Yes, probably, but before getting offline Geo and ARY reported that, and at that time cell phones were really not working!

  3. It is amazing that how stupid we are. If we cannot govern ourself properly than someone else will.

  4. You know what I wish?
    I just wish that alll the senate dies or get assasinated. And then some pther new and improved assembly comes in and totally reform pakistan.
    But then again, who am i kidding?

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