Offline And Online Law In A Directory

It was a week or so back, I have come across some stories reporting Internet scams. I then related them with those, which I read about almost everyday in the newspaper. The moment I thought about the web directories that provide links and information about a list of relevant websites and resources, but unfortunately it was quite a lengthy process. I think an Attorney Directory will be a best niche directory for law and related resources, whether available online or offline.

By attorney directory I do not expect the online fraud handling, but a list of all law related concerns. Availability of such facilities for a particular country or a region can help boosting online businesses a lot along with those working in physical environment. For instance, let’s say there’s such a directory that lists all the lawyers and law firms within Pakistan, or any other country, it’ll be quite easier for me to access the best lawyer if I’ve any dispute within or out of my territory. The other business end of this facility will help good lawyers get maximum exposure at an affordable advertising cost.

Being born in a lawyers’ family I do intend to make a list of best lawyers round me, and of course will publish them somewhere on Internet as well. Let’s see if it’ll be some sort of help for my people!

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  1. Pretty awesome article. Thanks! – CowDir

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