Virtual Tour De Pakistan II: The Great Shandoor

A day earlier I’ve shared some tourist places in Pakistan, but while writing about so I felt, I’m missing something. For a day long I kept on recalling what I missed, and finally found the great Shandoor.

Since this is the only one place to be discussed today, so I wont’ just rely on the pictorial representation, instead a little about Shandoor.

Shandoor is a place located in between the mighty Korakaram and the Hindukush ranges, and is famous for the world’s highest polo ground situated at about 3700 metres above the sea level. This is the place where you’ll find extreme Polo lovers. The most highlighted event here is the Annual Polo festival, especially the final match between Chitral and Gilgit. For a decade and a half all major media in Pakistan and abroad gives full coverage to it.

The area and especially the roadside is not well constructed, but even then, polo lovers round Pakistan and from abroad do visit to enjoy this festival.

The purpose of sharing this was just to virtually explore another corner of Pakistan. I’ve not physically been there as well, but fond of watching a live Polo match there at least for once.

3 Responses

  1. wow! now this is something new to me. Actually im NOT a big fan of polo but what you’re doing here is remarkable, Good job bhai. Like me i’m sure not many people know about this, and ofcos the tourists would love to read it. Maybe someone might just plan to visit, exploring and then presenting Pakistan Especialities is something you’re doing very intellegently.

    Your work is commendable,
    Stay beautiful.

  2. @leemz

    Thanks for having your say. Well, that’s what the purpose is to let rest of the world know more and more about Pakistan. And BTW, I’m not Bhai!

  3. heheheheh i know, you’re name’s Quratulain, does that sound guy? No. 🙂 Actually “Good job bhai” is more sort of a one word for me, hehe

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