Exploring The Domestic Violence

A week or so back I happened to watch a crime investigation program on ARY. The theme was domestic violence in the country with a variety of cases including different acts and situations. Nothing was common in any two cases but the severe results. And to my surprise almost all of them have either not been reported or if been so, not dealt properly. The only authority most of the people have approached was police who was also helpless due to numerous reasons.

Exploring the arena to satisfy my quest for inside knowledge of the society, I’ve gone through some legal concerns dealing with domestic violence and found a good deal of law. Law is there, but the causes are still undiscovered, and each case comes with a new cause. In other words it cannot be predicted, and can happen anytime, anywhere. While browsing and googling I’ve come across a statement by a Vancouver Washington lawyer that a person arrested for domestic violence might have not broken a law, but the effect the event has on family members is drastic.

This thing just made me to think about the ways with which a family can avoid domestic violence. It’s just to understand, to respect and to know each and every person in the family. Sometimes ignoring smaller things and sometimes discussing makes it easier to control the situations and keep the family happy. Many may disagree, but I’d also suggest having a legal advice if you think the matters cannot be resolved by mutual discussion and ignorance.

Though these things can help a bit managing the family matters and lessen the level of violence, but I still think that it can’t be nipped in the bud.

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  1. For a pleasent and lovely family life, tolerance is the key.


    The Pakistani Spectator

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