Let’s Don’t Become Good Public Speakers

After some days of being offline from this blog and getting some assignments done, it’s really hard to write something new. This is in fact not a writers’ block as well, but something unusual. Since I didn’t have any new thing or event to share, just some thoughts about a seminar on Public Speaking (I attended at KU during my last visit to Karachi) have surrounded me.

Some very good speakers have had their word on the topic and in a very effective way, but the one attracted most of my attention was one “Let’s don’t become Good Public Speakers’ by an honourable gentleman (I forgot his good name). The speaker gave all the tips on ‘not becoming good Public Speaker’, and it was really something that woke up the hall. I’ll just present his outlines here:

  • Speak what people do not want to listen.
  • Keep on speaking without a single break.
  • Do not let others speak when you’re speaking.
  • Do not look at people (do not maintain eye contact).
  • It’s better if you’ve a written script with you and you’re reading.
  • The best way is that you’re not audible.
  • Do not answer to people’s questions.

This was all what made me to laugh at that time, but later I realized how creatively the guy has mentioned the things most of us do not care about. I’ve also written something similar on my writing blog some days back, but this one is really worth considering.

So if you don’t want to become a good public speaker, please do follow the guidelines listed above.