Time Management: The Wasters’ And Savers’ Styles

Time is equally important in an organizational set up as it is in day-to-day life. It cannot be retrieved if spent or wasted once, so better is to spend it in more effective way. Whether it’s a professional business or work environment or a casual social or house hold gathering, ensuring things to be done within a particular time frame not only helps to maintain an order but also to get rid of various tensions. It is, however, the concern of prime importance to identify what are the things that actually waste time and what save. Being in the fastest time ever it is a bit difficult to find out all such activities, so in order to stop wasting time let’s start from the general activities of time wasters and savers.

Taking a start from wasters, here are some activities, which almost all of them do:

  • Thinking about something without coming up to a decision.
  • Worrying
  • Implementation without analysis
  • Starting many tasks at the same time without identifying the importance of each
  • Unanticipated interruptions (starting doing something else during an important task).
  • Procrastinating.
  • Unrealistic Time estimates.
  • Poor Crisis management.
  • Poor Planning
  • Poor Organization.
  • Ineffective meetings (lack of effective communication)
  • Doing urgent rather than important tasks.
  • Failing to delegate.
  • Lacking priorities, standards, policies, and procedures.

On the other hand the time savers do all what that wasters do not and they also do not do what wasters do, all they do is:

  • Manage the process of decision-making, not the decisions.
  • Concentrate on doing only one task at a time.
  • Set daily, short-term, mid-term, and long-term priorities.
  • Ensure effective communication.
  • Throwing unneeded things away.
  • Set deadlines and attempt to meet the same.
  • Do not waste others’ time.
  • Ensure the purpose of meetings, projects etc.
  • Maintain calendars and abide by them.
  • Know when to pause and when to restart.
  • Maintain good delegation.
  • Keep simplicity in the processes.
  • Use checklists and To-Do lists.

2 Responses

  1. Great reminders on time wasters and time savers.

    Thank you for sharing your insight.

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