Oh My Sweet 60s!

It was August 14, 1947 when I took birth; as a third world country at its inception, I grew up with misery of having lack of resources and management, spent my teens struggling for economic, social and political development and ended up my silver jubilee with same tag of third world on my shoulder. Going through 50 golden years and now entering into ‘sweet sixties’ I’m still there with the same tag, though a variety of medals have been rewarded to my armies for being the care takers.

The above Para is not what I want to say but Pakistan! Sixty years of independence mean a lot. Being such a huge time frame, it demands some accountability from all of us to ensure what we’ve done so far and what we ought to do. I’d not mention what my countrymen say about this but my opinion.

To be very clear, I still couldn’t figure out the true essence of ‘freedom’ or independence’. What exactly is the difference between these two terms? Did we get ‘freedom’ or ‘independence’ on August 14, 1947? If it was freedom, are we free? If it was independence, are we independent?

Answering my own questions if it was freedom then we’re not free till yet! The crapy feudal system still exists, we’re still badly involved in ‘caste system’ concepts, and above all a voice attempting to express freedom of thought is still crushed by so called regulators. And if it was independence, we’re still economically dependent on foreign assistance, even being an agricultural country we need to import wheat. We’re also fashion-dependent, so no point for being independent at all!

According to my analysis we’re neither free nor independent, and the day we celebrate is just to fulfill a formality! Probably not everyone will be doing the same but what majority does is the same. I’ve spent six years teaching in some so called elite school systems whereby 14th August used to be celebrated at its best garnished with heart touching national songs and eye catching performances on the same. When I was not a trained teacher, I was never asked by any claimed ‘experienced educator’ to make the young minds pledge on the day to be honest, hardworking and loyal to the homeland, and when I got well trained (having professional education in the field) I was stopped by same experienced ones to do so as it doesn’t look ‘rocking’ on the day! This experience of mine may not be applied everywhere, but you’ll find such practices at a greater extent.

What I want to ask is how many of us pledge to be loyal to the country on this day? I didn’t do it ever! But today, don’t know why I feel I should, so m’ doing it!


Readers are encouraged to pledge!

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