Just for Fame or Fame for Just?

The title of the post is probably very much similar to that of Jimmy Carter’s ‘Just War or a Just War!’ but the inside thing is quite different. Carter’s target was international politics while I’m being a very common civilian will attempt to have my say on a National issue. This post of mine would have gone on air if mighty WAPDA had have a bit of mercy on me. Anyways, the decision by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on July 20, 2007, was a worth considering decision in the history of Pakistan. We’ve been proven as a just nation where justice is of prime importance.

Does it really so? What we are running for, ‘Justice’ or ‘the justice’?

I’d not like to discuss the personality of any of their highnesses Mr. G.P. Musharraf and Mr. C.J, but the happenings associated with them. Whatever the demand of each party was shouldn’t have been compensated with the blood of innocent civilians. C.J finally found happy to have justice at the cost of blood and probably Mr. President happy at the economic aspect of this bloodshed.

Both of the heroes are still on the way to have further proceedings. But is it the way nation needs them? Do they deserve to be trusted? The way Karachi bathed in the blood on 12th June, the high alert in Islamabad after the killings of innocent people in F8, the bomb blast in Kohat following another one at Balochistan are some of the attempts to make general public realize that how mean the politics can be if it aims to have personal benefits out of it.

Neither I’m against the parties involved in all this stuff, nor their supporter, but I need answers of some questions. And I’m damn sure none of them would be brave enough to reply to me. Anyways, telling the masses what I want to know may have no effect on the development of the society, but possibly some others of have same questions in mind.
Well, I want to know:

1- Whom we’ve to trust by now onwards? Uniform or the Justice!

2- What is the cost of a normal Pakistani becoming the food of political clashes?

3- Is media doing what it should have done?

4- What is the exact meaning/definition of ‘justice’ in Pakistani context?

5- Who is above justice? The government, the judiciary or the politicians

6- Can we ever become a just society? If yes, how and when?

5 Responses

  1. This is completely unrelated to the the subject matter, but could you please tell me what “quratulain” means? Peace.

  2. @Madsufidotcom

    Would you please explain what’s unrelated to the subject matter, my post or the comment? Anyways, “Qurratulain” means “Aankhoon ka Noor” in Urdu and probably “vision” in English.


  3. @Azaz

    I’d have loved to peep inside the URL if it won’t have broken. What I got was a runtime error at VBScript 😦

  4. Miss Qurat! what a way to describe the things happening around our circumstances…. really that is the fact , still a pakistani is in the state of insurgency and his status quo is reached to the verge of destruction, as well his fate is also hanging in the ballance of intrest political clashes.

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