What To Do While Hiring An Employee?

Few days back one of my readers requested me to have my say on management and career related issues, so here goes some outline of Human Resources Management. This post is specifically with reference to the management of hiring process. With the emergence of HR trend, the organizations have been observed going great guns. The history of Human Resources Management is not that old, but the fast and instant growth and development in the field has made it a bit complex phenomenon as well. Here we talk specifically about the development of the Human Resources, increasing their productivity and providing them a better platform to exhibit their potentials. This process of development is not very short and hence needs and depends on strategic planning, i.e. Employment Screening, and time to time Assessment.Today, I’ll be specific by mentioning some tips for hiring an employee.

Hiring is said to be the most crucial part of the process for an organization. While considering, the ability, potentials, qualifications and professionalism of an individual his professional image is constructed within the mind of the HR Manager, but one thing that most of the HR Managers do not consider is the part performance and professional loyality of the candidate. In manual concerns this can be dealt by requiring porper references and by varifying the information from those particular stations. It’s quite time taking and may not result in 100% satisfaction as well, so consulting a professional service provider of employees’ screening will be a wise idea. Screening an employees records will not only help the manager getting more authentic results, but will also help the organization to get the creame.

Though accepting challenges and risk taking is one of the plus point for good managers, but taking risk at the cost of organization’s interest will not be a good idea. Hiring a professional to check the employees’ background minimizes the risk and hence increases the probability of success.

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  1. Reference checking is quite common here in California but honestly unless you know some one personally at candidate’s ex company, you would always get good feed back for him but of course if candidate is really really below average then you would hear only average feed back. I would not make my decision on feed back but I would be simply interested if candidate has “really” worked in that company in the capacity he has mentioned on his resume. When I used to work for MCI(Verizon Wireless) then if you called their central phone line then the machine used to gave an option for verifying some one’s employment. Not sure if they still have that system.

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